Letter to the High School(s) I’ve walked through these past four years

Dear High School buildings,

I entered your afraid, nervous, and utterly excited beyond belief. I was finally here. Finally able to walk these halls and own them as my very own. I walked in with a group of friends I will forever be thankful for and you gave me the memories to go along with them.

The first year was surreal. So many new opportunities, so many areas of growth exposed and marveled at. Those hallways became my hallways and those lockers (although rarely used) became one of my favorite backdrops for seeing the Lord move in my life and in the lives of those around me.

Freshmen year was a growth year and my year of figuring out how my high school self would function. It was about finding a rhythm and I found it early on.

Sophomore year was about loving my comfort zone but not spending much time there. The hours of prayer that covered those school hallways was not in vain. Walking in a second time at the start of the fall marked my mission for impact, growth, and being love to those around me.

Those hallways saw the moments of boldness to share the gospel. Those classrooms saw the times when all my work was done and the Bible was finally able to come out. Those papers got to express the love of Christ and that lunch room got to see students praying together each and every day.

Then Junior year came, we both remeber junior year very well. This is when the confidence levels started to rise and I was no longer afraid of what people thought and no longer nervous to ask the tough questions. Junior year, although it went by way too fast, was filled with involvement and the cherishing of those around me because the time we had together was short. My last days in the school I loved, I wish could be lived over again. I wish I could walk your halls, look into those windows, eat in that place one more time. If only I could walk into school the morning of my freshmen year all over again. I would do so daily if I could. I would hug each teacher, each friend, and honestly, each bystander one more time. Knowing now how much I miss that year, those years.

Because when senior year came and everything was new, I longed for the small building that I once ran laps around during PE. I missed the small building with the dirt parking lot and the multi-colored carpets. I missed the “project roll-out days” and the “school-wide projects”. I missed you and still do.

But in missing those things, I learned that God uses change to shape us and change to remind us of who we are. Now that I am here, in a new place with decks that are smaller, tile floors, a new parking lot, and cubbies used daily instead of lockers never used, I have realized that there is more to my life than high school. There is more to God’s plan for my life than the 5 minute passing periods. There is more. There is more. There. Is. More.

It’s not that I did not love my time in your walls or that I am not loving the time left I have here. But rather that the time I have had in these two schools will always be some of the best days I have ever had. I was placed here for reasons that God intended. His plan has always been higher than mine and always will be higher than mine.

It’s why one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met worked in the reception office at one of my schools. She taught me that the best years of our lives are the ones we are currently in. And if that is true, I am thankful for the time I have spent in these high schools and I am thankful for what is to come.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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