What to do to get out of a slump

It happens to the very best of us. The ones with jobs at a church and the ones who are struggling to find time to even touch our Bibles. It happens to the busy and the lazy alike. The fast and the slow. Every person goes through these phases of feeling in a “funk” in their walk with the Lord and I think that we would all be at a huge disadvantage if we didn’t talk about it and find a good way of pushing through it.

Being the very scheduled and routine oriented person that I am, I find comfort in having a plan and a process. I have learned that when I find myself in these slump-like situations that I need to change up my routine. This could be as drastic as changing the time or the location of when and where I read my Bible. Or as simple as starting a new reading plan or getting a new devotional. Just a little something new to try and reconnect to that schedule.

Being in high school and having everything advertised to my age group, it is really easy to get caught up in the “new thing”. Music has been HUGE recently and there are some great great great songs out there. And, in all honesty, it is very easy to turn up those tunes and only listen to secular music.

Many times I have found myself in this habit of listening to mostly secular music (which is not totally bad but what you listen to does affect the condition of your heart).  This past year I started to really try and combat my tendency to fall into this, by going on short “music fasts”. Meaning that for a day, week, or even month I would only play Christian music. This doesn’t seem like a very hard task to do and, in all honesty, the hardest part is clicking play, because once I have pressed play on my Christian playlist, I don’t want to change it.

Christian music is life-giving, it always has been and always will be. That is something that no secular artist can master because it comes from the father above.

I have also realized that sometimes, it takes learning something new to get out of the slump. So often I will decide to read a passage of scripture that I have read hundreds of times and I will learn something completely new. There is a joy in reading a familiar story and being able to see it with fresh eyes and take something new from it.

This past week I was reading in John and came across the story of the woman at the well. This is one of those we have read hundreds of time but I had never realized that the first time Jesus said that he was the living water and therefore the savior of mankind, was to this sinful woman at the well.

He didn’t run to the famous or the influential people, he found her. A sinful, adulterous woman going to the well during the day to get water because that was the only time there wouldn’t be people around to ridicule her.

Taking this even further, he found this woman as she was getting water. This may not seem important at first, but listen to what Jesus is saying here. He is claiming to be the LIVING WATER. He is telling her to THIRST NO MORE as she is attempting to quench her thirst. This is not on accident.

So often we, as sinful people, are attempting to get water from the things and wells of this world. We run to success, love, acceptance, and so on, in hopes of being filled and never thirsting again. When we run to these worldly outlets, we are missing chances to get living water from the one true source.

So here is this sinful woman, collecting worldly water until the tap runs dry. And along comes a man, she is expecting to get a question or even worse, shunned. But something radical happens, he greets her and offers her the one thing she has been seeking this whole time. The one thing that will save her and bring her back home… the one thing to *ahem* get her out of this slump she has found herself in.

Sound familiar, yeah, it’s because it is each of our stories. The ones with jobs at a church and the ones who are struggling to find time to even touch our Bibles. The busy and the lazy alike. The fast and the slow. This is our story and it was also her story.

That is the power of learning new things from old passages. That is the power of pushing through our slumps because we know that even when we don’t feel God’s presence, we know he is still there.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 




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