Mary, Mother of Jesus

Happy Saturday! I wanted to share one of the days of my Advent study that I wrote for my church last year! As I shared before, I will be publishing one each Saturday until Christmas. I hope you guys enjoy today’s study! Feel free to crack open your Bibles

Scripture Passages: Luke 1:46-48, Luke 1:30

I have always been fascinated by Mary, the mother of Jesus. How much of a blessing would it have been to be part of Jesus’ physical family, never the less his mother. How comforting would it be to know that the God of the world would equip you to be the mother of His one and only son?

Yet, at the same time, how scary would that be? This is why I’m always intrigued by her story. Then we are later meet her, soon to be husband, Joseph.

Both Mary and Joseph had exceptional character and were anointed by God Himself. However, their situation did not seem like a God-ordained circumstance to Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph were not yet married… but Mary was expecting a child. This was not ideal and caused Mary to be seen with shame and suffer from harsh judgment. Not only would the social rejection be hard for Mary, imagine what this would have been like for her husband Joseph.

His fear told him to divorce her, his pride told him to divorce her, those around him told him to divorce her,  deep down, he was scared and confused.

But in Matthew 1:20, an angle of the Lord appeared to him and told him to not be fearful, and that this was from the Lord and Mary would become the mother of Jesus, the son of God.

I believe there is so much to be said about this unlikely birth of our King. His parents were judged and rejected, yet they had the most important child of all time.

They were poor and held no royalty except for that in Heaven. They were seemingly unimportant in the world’s eyes, yet became equipt to raise the King of kings.

However, in all of this judgment and fear, Mary and Joseph were still able to trust and obey the Lord. Mary was able to view this as the amazing gift it was. She had the ability to take a step back from all of the rejection and see the bigger picture, the will of God being worked through her humble state.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster



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