Woah, another post this week… YOU BET!

I am so stinking excited for this season. It’s a toss-up between February being my favorite month and December… but this year, I am pretty sure Christmas is winning (okay read that line again, I meant to write December at the end, not Christmas… obviously my mind is focused on Christmas… goodness) Anyways, I love this season so much and am excited to announce that for the month of December I will be posting twice a week!

Last year I got the chance to write a devotional that was just passed out to my church family where I used to live… shout out to them! Hope you guys enjoy! But for those of you who didn’t pick one up or didn’t have the opportunity to, I will be picking and choosing my favorite days from the season of Advent and sharing them on the blog!

It has been kind of seral for the thing I spent months on last year, to be handed out almost a year later. Seeing my writing printed and being able to tangibly work through the study has been a reality for me for a very long time (to the point where, in the business of my life, I have forgotten that I kinda wrote an actual book) but, when my lovely friends texted me pictures of the book I wrote from 14 hours away, it brought about so many new feelings for me.

And, as if I completely forgot what the Devil is all about, I started getting very insecure and even scared for people to be reading it and couldn’t understand why. I’ve read through it so many times and have found things I wish I could change. The ways I described things and the methods in which I choose to do so, seem so childish to me now. So, while being so excited and honored for people to be reading my work, I started allowing this fear to creep in. “what if they don’t like it? What if something is wrong? what if I offend someone?” All of these thoughts started filling my mind. And, while there are mistakes and I’m sure someone will text me or point them out to me, I can’t allow that to take away from the experience and joy I had writing the study.

In addition, It’s cool to know that, even 14 hours away, I am still having an impact on my community. It’s humbling to have been able to go through the process and to now be so far away and just get to watch from the outside as the Lord uses my words to reach people.

I am currently in uncharted water in my life. Actually starting to put some of my stuff out there (more so than blogging because we’ve been doing that for almost 4 years now). It’s a scary, scary thing to put your hard work and passion into the hands and eyes of people who may tell you it’s not worth it or not good enough. And if that happens, I guess it is okay. Because, the amount of joy these things give, can’t be considered “not enough”.

I am hoping to add a bunch of new and exciting things to the blog in 2019! I am working crazy hard to release something that is currently in the “hush hush” stages! If I can pull it off in time, it will be AMAZING! So stay tuned! I hope this month is amazing for all of you! See you next Wednesday!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 



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