Coming through my Headphones

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I love this season of the year and am consistently finding myself with something to look forward to, I LOVE IT!

I want to start something new… I think I going to do a post, every month or so entitled “Coming Through my Headphones” where I share the music and podcasts I have been listening to. This is the FIRST EDITION so you are ahead of the game!

These past few months I have been going to the gym a lot more than normal (track season is quickly approaching and we need to do good this year lol). Normally I am a music lover and spend days organizing and developing the most wonderful pump up playlist, but for some reason, this year I have really been into podcasts.

And I have noticed that there are so many amazing Christian Podcats out there and, when the adrenaline is pumping or your workout has got you about ready to call it quits, it is a great distraction to just turn up the volume on these podcasts and focus on the words instead of the pain you are in.

I wanted to share the three podcasts I have been loving recently:

Woah That’s Good by Sadie Robertson

This podcast just finished its first season and I’m not totally sure when it will be returning but if you haven’t listened to it, YOU MUST. Sadie Roberston is such an icon for Christian girls right now and has inspired so many of us. In this podcast, she interviews the biggest voices in the Christian lifestyle world and asks them all the same question: “What is the best piece of advice you have ever received.” These episodes are amazing and very personal and have been my all-time favorite. It’s about time for new episodes.. Sadie, if you are reading this… BRING IT BACK!!

SHE by Jordan Lee Dooley 

I have always loved Jordan Dooley. I follow all of her social media accounts and have done countless studies she has written. She is such an honest and relatable voice and I feel like we are best friends and I don’t even know her. Her podcast talked about everything and anything you could imagine. And, even though there are some episodes I can’t directly relate to yet, she still is spilling wisdom that can encourage people in any season of life. She publishes weekly episodes and has been my main listen while I have been working out.

The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast by Proverbs 31 Ministry

If you are looking for a Bible Study podcast that is full of scripture, then this is the podcast for you! These are a little longer than the other two I have been listening to but is so worth the extra time! This podcast values and honors the holiness of scripture in a way that glorifies it as well as making it seem approachable. I love all that Proverbs 31 ministry does and highly encourage you to check them out!

I have loved these podcasts and have been using my gym time as a way to really focus on the improvement and growth that I am making and it is such a refreshing time for me. I want to especially encourage you in this time (the busy holiday season) to find a time daily or even weekly that you use for you. To encounter your father without the need to entertain or satisfy others. And why not pump some iron in the process?!

****I have mentioned recently that I wanted to try some new things on my blog… what do you guys think about creating some podcasts?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!****

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


One thought on “Coming through my Headphones

  1. You are an amazing person and I not only love you but enjoy reading your blog and watching the growth as a powerful voice you have become for your peers. Every parent should not only read all your messages but also sign up their young children and teenagers to your blog. Your thought processes and sharing your life experiences is inspiring and offers encouragement to be a better person. I encourage you to continue to expand your blog and its outreach always remembering your life and how you live it may be the only Bible others will ever read. God has showered you with awesome blessings and he is honored by the way you are using them.
    LY, Pap


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