The importance of strength

I have learned in my life that anything worth having, took immense amounts of strength to either get or hold onto. As a kid, this looked like being the first in line. It took willpower and strength to power walk (not run, the moment those little knees bent and your feet sped up, you were in the back of the line) to be first in line. Then, as I got older, It took strength to stand up for my friends, or myself, or a cause I believed in. It took strength for me to put on that stylish visor and walk into the start of a 4-hour shift yet again, for my first job.

It took strength for me to make the tough decisions that made a person very close to me,  mad with me. It took strength for me to leave and it took strength for me to say “hello”. It now takes strength for me to reach out to colleges and to workout in order to be able to do track in college. In life, strength has gotten me pretty far. But, you don’t even know how weak I felt in many, if not all of those situations.

The “strength” I am talking about was not of my own willpower. While sometimes I had to walk to the closest mirror and tell myself to suck it up and get the job done, many of these tasks and decisions were coated in prayer and countless hours of begging the Lord to give me the power.

But there have been many times in my life when someone came alongside me and encouraged me. We all have been there, if not, I pray that you will get to experience the power of a sweet elderly lady (under 5’6″ is preferable but not a deal breaker) that wraps you in a loving hug and prays over your situations and encourages you to keep fighting.

Nobody argues with a feisty elderly lady with a mad bear hug! And nobody should, because, my money is on her being a devout prayer warrior and woman of God. And when you have one of those ladies rooting for you, nothing can stop you.

In reality though, there are crazy amounts of power that can be transferred between two Christians deciding to radically cheer for one another.

This is something that I have been realizing lately and have been missing, drastically. I have lost my core group of supporters and have found myself in desperate need of a society of people to both cheer on, and be cheered on by.

And I don’t want you to have to understand the importance and the power of this group, by losing them. I want you to look around and realize how much of a blessing it is to be right where you are, with who you are, without having to move away or leave to really see that.

So take my word for it. And if you are like me right now and haven’t really found that yet, then let’s go on a hunt for it.

Feel free to email me or drop a comment if you’re in need of an encourager because I’m open and ready 😀  Here is to another wonderful week in the Lord! We got this. He’s got this. The devil better watch out because the kingdom is coming to earth in mighty ways this week.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


One thought on “The importance of strength

  1. Wonderful blog today! You are such an inspiration and I am so proud of you! Having such a strong faith in God will ALWAYS guide you through out your journey! Sending hugs and love and lots of prayers! Excited to see you in a few weeks!!


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