Small Beginnings

We believe in the most powerful and most high God. We serve the God who parted the Red Sea and healed the lame. We have the ability to communicate with the God of all of creation. It’s a wonderful thing we got here… but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

I’m going to be honest with you, sometimes I ask the Lord, “umm hello you can heal the sick and rise from the dead yet you didn’t do *fill in the blank*” I find myself asking the Lord why He choose to withhold something from me or why He isn’t showing off how amazing He is, in every aspect of my life. Because, if He really is who He says He is, then my life should be a compilation of crazy miracles… right?

Except it’s not. My life is not a constant miracle from the Lord. There are areas in my life that I try not to focus on a bunch because I know that if I do, I will start to question God’s motives in those areas. However, when I close parts of my life off to God, I start to grow further and further away from Him. I stop opening my heart up to Him and will eventually close Him out completely.

I have seen this turn of events in my life recently. Change brings so many different obstacles into your life. And being the consistency-driven person that I am, change means that my whole life is turned upside down. With this move, I came in ready for amazing things to happen. Ready for the Lord to change the lives of people (myself included) and for, basically Heaven to be brought to Earth because of what the Lord was going to do through me in this new place.

And while there are so many amazing things going on, it has all been pretty typical. I go to school each morning, I go to volleyball, I come home late, tired, and hungry, then I go to bed and repeat that cycle. I expected for the grades to all fall into place so I could focus on reaching out to others. I expected to somehow have 48 hours to every day so that I would have time to go to all the youth groups and Bible studies and accountability groups. However, the opposite happened. All the Bible studies fall on the same day, at the same time. All of my practices run overtime meaning that I miss youth group. This year in school isn’t the easiest year ever and my new youth pastor can’t remeber my name. The small group I am leading doesn’t always want to talk and I feel super awkward.

This isn’s what I was expecting when I was commissioned and sent out. This wasn’t the life I thought I would be living. This doesn’t seem like the work of the God that parted the red sea. Or does it?

Because, when we look at the story of the Lord parting the Red Sea, we can’t overlook the years of exile beforehand. We can’t skip over the countless pleading to “let my people go.” This was YEARS of confusion and crying out to the Lord for provisions, before parting the Red Sea was even an option.

We serve the God of growth. The God of disciple and fine-tuning. We serve the God who knows that day by day we are becoming more and more like Him.

So while this season of my life seems to have small beginnings and seems like the Lord isn’t working in mighty ways, I can find comfort in the fact that He is never idle. The God I pray to each and every day is not a lazy God. He is always moving and always working. Even if a miracle doesn’t happen.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


2 thoughts on “Small Beginnings

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I feel like it could have even been wrote from my own perspective. But you’re so right and thank you for reminding me that God is never idle.


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