1 year ago

Life is crazy and more often then not, I get swept up into the drama of it all and forget where I came from. I am so used to seeing myself in the mirror every day that I don’t know the gradual changes I have made over time.

It’s like the day you realize you desperately need a haircut. The day before you thought nothing about it, then the next you can’t stop thinking about it because, as if all of the sudden, your hair has grown much longer. You don’t notice the changes on a daily basis but when you finally take a step back, you can’t help but notice.

I have found the same to be true of my life. On a daily and even weekly basis, I don’t notice the changes that have taken place in my life. But when I think of how drastically my life has changed over the past year, it boggles my mind.

I wanted to take this post to, not only process things in my own life but also to challenge you in the same thing. It’s healthy to look over the progress and sometimes the digressions we have made over time.

If y’all have been following my blog for a while, you know that my family moved over the summer. And I hate to say it, but it’s crazy to think that I have only lived here for a matter of months. I feel very at home here sometimes but then there are other times when I feel utterly alone and unnoticed. It’s hard to be the new kid your last year of high school. However, those moments of loneliness and feelings of invisibility have taught me such an important lesson. Your interactions with people really do matter. Even if it is just a compliment on someone’s shoes in the hallway… it matters. Even if it is a little joke about the strange food I eat at lunch (apparently salads are weird… I don’t get it) but none the less, these little comments show the people around you that you notice them and that they add something to the world.

Now, one odd way I have grown since this time last year is that I am exceedingly more confident. Not that I walk through the halls of my school with my held high because I am just so fantastic. It’s actually the opposite of that. I know that I am inadequate and far from perfect. I know that, despite my best efforts, I am not going to win at everything and succeed in everything I try. But I am walking in the confidence that that is okay.

In all honesty, I have even started looking at myself in the morning and feeling good about the face that greets me. Again, not because I think I am the most beautiful person to have walked the Earth, but rather that I am just another beautiful human, like the rest of us.

In addition to my personal changes, I have also seen many changes in the relationships I have now. Moving 14 hours away means that your complete circle of influence changes. The friends I used to see every day I know get to see monthly over the phone. People I have not seen in years are now my closest friends. I have ended relationships and started new ones. I have said “see you soon” to some and “I’m back!” to others.

The best change I have seen in my life recently has definitely been my wonder and awe for the Lord. Since I moved, I have been challenged in my faith more than ever. With that, I have developed such a sense of curiosity for the Lord and the underlining goal of wanting to know and understand more of the God I serve.

I am extremely excited to see the changes that take place in my life by this time next year. I honestly how no clue where I will be or who I will be living life with, but boy am I excited!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 




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