Ignoring the Love

I have missed you guys! I wasn’t able to post last week because I have such a busy schedule and haven’t figured out my blogging routine yet. But I promise I will get a handle on it soon!!! However, I was reading in 1 Samuel this past week and noticed something that I HAD to share with you guys.

But before we go into it. How many of you have ever believed a lie? Every one of you should have raised your hand or perked up a bit because we all have. We all have listened to the lies this world throws at us and have allowed these lies to affect the way we live. It is a fact of life. We wake up, walk out of our nice and secure rooms, and are being filled with lies.

This has become such the “norm” in our world that I sometimes stop noticing or even stop caring. I can’t identify the lies I am being told and therefore can’t combat them. But in some cases, I know that I am being fed a lie, however, even knowing that fact, I still choose to believe it. Even though I know full well that it is an utter lie.

The same happened to Hannah in 1 Samuel 1. To set the stage, there is this man (named Elkanah) who had two wives, Hannah, and Peninnah (times where very different back then, don’t let this trip you up).

In a nutshell, it was a constant competition between the two wives and with each passing day, Peninnah would taunt Hannah and tease her saying that she was inferior and unloved because Hannah was not able to give birth to a son.

However, we see that, while Peninnah believed herself to be superior to Hannah, Hannah was actually more deeply loved by her husband. These next few verses (v. 4-8) are crazy impactful. You may need to read them a few times to catch this but when I connected these dots, it hit home.

Whenever Elkanah offered a sacrifice, he always gave portions of the meat to his wife Peninnah and to each of her sons and daughters. But he gave a double portion to Hannah, for he loved her even though the Lord had kept her from conceiving. Her rival would taunt her severely just to provoke her, because the Lord had kept Hannah from conceiving. Year after year, when she went up to the Lord’s house, her rival taunted her in this way. Hannah would weep and would not eat. “Hannah, why are you crying?” her husband Elkanah would ask. “Why won’t you eat? Why are you troubled? Am I not better to you than ten sons?”

The important part here is the food or the portions. We see that Peninnah was always given portions and portions were given to her children, however, when dealing with Hannah, the husband gave Hannah double portions. Twice the amount of food was given to Hannah because she was deeply loved. This may seem insignificant now but when we jump down to verse 8, we see that Hannah, for some reason, isn’t eating.

The woman who was given double the amount of food wasn’t eating. Why was she not eating? Because of the lies, she was allowing herself to believe from Peninnah.

Her husband cries out to her saying, “why are you not eating, why are you troubled, have I not provided you with enough love and enough portions to make you happy and cared for?”

Even though Hannah was given twice the amount, she still would not use it to satisfy. When I read this I immediately thought of how this could relate to my own life. So often I cry out to the Lord pleading for his mercy or his grace when I am completely ignoring the double portion of mercy and grace that is right in front of me.

In another way, I think about how powerful the lies of others can be. Hannah was willing to not eat because some lies she was believing. She was allowing the harsh words and cruel jokes from Peninnah to seem truer and more impactful then the crazy love demonstrated by her husband. 

In that moment, there was nothing that her husband could say that could overpower the hurt she was feeling that was caused by Peninnah. How sad is that?

How sad is it that you and I do the exact same thing on a daily basis? We allow the lies of the world to overshadow the crazy love we have been shown. We sit on the floor starving for acceptance and love while we have a double portion from the heavenly father, right in front of us.

I know it may be hard, but I beg of you to look around at the truths you received the moment you accepted the Lord. Because when you know them, it changes everything.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 



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