When you feel far from God

We’ve all been there. We all know what it is like to feel distant from God and distant from His presence. For me, this feeling happens at least once a year. Whether it is a day, week, or month, there are moments in my life where I feel like God is a million miles away and I can’t find him anywhere.

There are so many great one-liners out there about this feeling but the truth of the matter is that this feeling, although, in a sense, is not accurate, the idea of this feeling is true. Stick with me…

Sin separates us from God. We all know this to be true. As a Christian, if we sin and continue to intentionally sin, we will grow distant from God. Not that He grows distant from us, but, as we continue to sin, we pull ourselves from Him. It’s as if we are running away from Him. He is always running after us, but the more we sin, the further we run.

God is ever constant and completely steadfast. We, on the other hand, are not. we change with the wind and allow ourselves to move from one thing to the other. God loves us and is sticking with us until we get to enjoy Heaven alongside Him.

So, feeling far from God is a very valid feeling, this could be resulting from many things. If there is a sin issue in your life, you will feel far from God. When you aren’t spending time with the Lord, you will feel far. But if you are doing all the things you normally do, reading your bible, going to church, trying not to sin, and still feel far from God, I’m going to ask you to see this as a really cool learning moment.

When God created Heaven and Earth, they were completely separate. God then created a garden that would be the home of the very first man and woman. while God was in the garden, God was still not “connected” with Adam and Eve. Once sin was brought into the world and God could no longer be around Adam and Eve, humans became separated from God and extremely distant.

We, humans, lived far from the Lord. Until the day a baby was born in the most humble circumstances possible. This little baby was named Jesus and was the son of God. Jesus lived with people, Jesus walked the earth, had meals with humans, and even spent most of his time with those who would have previously been the furthest from God.

In order to fulfill the scriptures, Jesus had to die on a cross for the sins of the world. Jesus was our connection between the sinful human beings we are, and the holy God He is.

The distance was a necessary part of God’s plan. If there was never any distance, there would not have been a reason for Jesus to die for us. I know that this season is difficult but Jesus is still the bridge between humans and God. In this time, seek Jesus more and harder than ever before. Get more involved, be more loving. The best news for our lives as Christians came from a feeling of distance from God. So why would we assume that the same can’t come from our current feeling of distance?

XOXO, The Christian Prepster




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