Running Towards Change

School just started for me and it has been so great! I have found that the more change there is in my life, the more God-moments there are! That is reigning true this school year and I am so so so happy about it!! With school recently starting, I wanted to share one of my favorite memories with all of you!

I was terrified to start high school. Even though I had a group of friends going through those doors with me, I was scared that I would be lost in the hustle of it all. But, when I walked into my school, I felt right at home. Some of my best laughs were created in those hallways and in that lunch room. That school was my place. My place to be challenged, cherished and changed. I knew that it was exactly where I needed to be.

The last week of my junior year, my parents told me that my dad got a new job and he would be moving. They knew if I moved now, I would have to go to a new school for my senior year. They decided that I would get to choose whether or not our whole family moved. Honestly, it wasn’t even a question. My dad would move while my mom and I stayed until I graduated. I couldn’t picture my senior year anywhere else.

But as I walked the hallways of my school, I kept feeling this sense of loss. I looked into classrooms and knew this was my last week there. Not because my parents were forcing me, but that God was saying that He needed to use me somewhere else. In a matter of 24 hours, this school went from the place where I still had so much time, to a place where I had two days left.

I got my friends together and told them I was moving away. It was the hardest 20 minutes of my life. We had gone through so many amazing times together and we each hated the thought of saying goodbye a year sooner. I made my rounds through the school, telling the teachers that I was leaving and how thankful I was for their influence on my life. It is hard to stand across from teachers who only had me for one class but still cried when I told them I was leaving. No ounce of me wanted to leave, but more than that, no ounce of me wanted to disobey God.

The end of the day came faster than anybody wanted. My last five minutes at that school were the very best of my three years there. My teacher was talking to my group of friends when the biggest rainstorm started. He looked outside and shared how he thought that it was interesting that in movies, the most tragic scenes, as well as the most romantic love stories and biggest victories, take place in the rain. He looked at our group, knowing that these next few minutes would be terribly hard for us, and said, “I believe this rain is for you, your next adventure is outside of these walls, you just have to run through it.”

So we did. My last 30 seconds there, was me running through the hallways I was once scared to walk in, running past the classrooms I learned the most in and running into the parking lot as my teachers were cheering us on. Instead of a tear-filled goodbye, I left the place I was comfortable, with a group of people cheering me on. That is when you know that you have been blessed. When the people you have been surrounded by, love you enough to commission you to serve somewhere else.

The mission of being called someplace and obeying the call despite how hard it may be is what we are instructed to do as Christians. Running through the rain towards the next adventure, changed my life. There is absolutely no room for fear when you have a group cheering you on. I want to be that for other people. I want to love and support those around me, as much as I was loved and supported by that school.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster



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