For the High School Senior

Guest post by Loved By the King:

Dear High School Senior,

I am writing to you because this time last year, I was walking into my senior year. Wow, time flies. *Tears**JK, it’s nice to be done* But this letter is for those who feel scared or confused, or even sad! I know everyone tells you that this year flies by, but it seriously does. So enjoy it. This is the last year you will be surrounded by all your classmates. Don’t miss out on opportunities to speak truth to them. Do not worry about what people think of you, live life the way God intended you to live. That is what will have a lasting effect. Walk in holiness. Really focus on securing your walk with the Lord, this year

Make memories, laugh, take pictures, and just enjoy every moment the Lord gives you. Everything you do this year will be a last. Scary, I know. Change can resonate with those feelings, but embrace the change that is coming. Close this chapter of your life, regretting nothing.  Trust the Lord, as you close this chapter and open the new one. Trust that His plans are bigger than your mind can even think off. Oh, and you can only plan your life out so much. Just let the Lord lead you, I promise it will be worth it.

Do not rush growing up. I know this year will get overwhelming. You will have a rush of emotions. Leaving behind four years, that, for some were amazing and for some, they were not at all. You may be moving away for college or you don’t even know where you want to go yet. That is okay. Trust me. The Lord will work everything out if you are walking in obedience with him. Do not think that you have to have it all together, now that you are a senior. Oh, friend, you do not!! Not saying that you need to be lazy and not think about the future. But some things do not work out according to how you wish, but the Lord has got you. Trust that. Walk in that. Be confident in that.

It is okay to have mental breakdowns and cry. Like I said, this year is a mix of emotions. Cry. Laugh. Just enjoy every stage of this year. Seek the Lord. YES, seek. Oh my gosh, that will save you. Making time for the Lord in the morning was so crucial for me, especially my senior year. I was student body president, juggling being a daughter, sister, girlfriend, and just a friend in general. However, spending time in God’s word, made me focus on who the king of my heart really was, and what my purpose in life really is. This is crucial because a lot of decisions have to be made this year. So pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you on that journey.

Lastly, just be happy. Enjoy people. Talk to those people you have never talked too. Go to that sporting event you have never been too. Step out and get involved. Work hard. Get out of your comfort zone. After you walk across that stage, you will have left a legacy, at whatever High School you attended. But it is up to you to decide what that legacy will look like. Ask yourself this, how do you want to be remembered, and live this year according to that answer.


A High School Graduate 🙂


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