For the one with a past

I know it is hard to move on when everything and everyone is telling you that there is no point. I know it is hard to choose joy when the world seems to be choosing your emotions for you. So what, you have a rocky past? so do I, you are in good company.

The funny thing about pasts is that you never understand the weight of them until you are finally out. It may just be me but I didn’t think that my “rocky past” was that rocky when I was living in it.

But that’s just it, one day you are haunted by a past you wished you could forget. You wake up one morning and can’t seem to smile with as much joy as you once could. Where did this shame come from? Where did my joy go? Why can’t I actually live life fully and freely? I know where you have been and girl, I have a one-way ticket to get you out of it… you just have to be willing to take it.

And honestly, it is really that simple. While it may seem like the world is constantly reminding you of the mistake, the lie, the slip-up, or the failure, if you can forgive yourself, the world will be able to as well, eventually. You may feel like your biggest enemy right now. And I know that is a very rough place to be in. Every time that song comes on, it is you that is reminded of the past. When you see that picture, hear that word, or drive past that place, you are the only person who knows the pain it causes. You are the only person who then suffers from the memory of the mistake or lie that has left you living half-heartedly.

Your biggest obstacle in overcoming your past is yourself. Nobody else is holding you to the mistakes of your past except you. Even Jesus, the man who lived a perfect life and knows every single breath you have taken and will take (your rocky past included) even Jesus the person who has every right to judge you and hold you to your past, chooses not to. You are the only person who stills needs to forgive you. This is a battle between the old you, and the new you. And you get to pick who wins.

But if that is not the case. If there is someone in your life is still reminds you of your mistakes, someone who chooses to define you by your past… you need to move on without them. If they are choosing to live in your past and trying to drag you back into it, you need to live your future without them. If they choose to hop on the future train with you, yippee, the more the marrier. But they are not in charge of your growth and they are for sure not in charge of your future.

I know it can be so hard to move on and to let go. But one day, this rocky past of yours, the experiences you have gone through, will be used to help someone else. I promise you that. The moment you can actually live your life shamelessly and, although you may not love your past, be able to own up to it and view it as a growing point in your life, then you can finally start living.

You were handed something, had to deal with something that nobody should ever have to handle, but you are here today, reading this because it is time to move on. You have lived in your past long enough and it does you no good to live in it over and over and over again. It is time for you to face the future. Take the steps to the new you instead of choking yourself with your past. It starts today, let’s do this together.

“If your faith can move mountains than it can certainly help you move on.”

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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