For the girl who feels alone

Hey guys, one of my best blogger friends, Loved By the King, is sharing some truth today! She is amazing in every single way and I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say!

I am writing to you because, I too, know what it feels like to feel left out. Are you like me and want to shrink when you feel like no one understands you? Or when your friends starting walking away from the Lord and that makes you feel lonely? If so…..same girl! It is times like these that I feel like no one gets me. I feel like God is so far from me. I begin to listen to the enemy’s whispers more and more. I start to challenge my faith with questions like, “is this even worth it?”.  Truly, when it feels like no one around me is passionately pursuing the Lord, I question, why should I? It is scary that these thoughts filter through my head when I feel so alone.

Do you know why you feel isolated? You are letting the enemy tell you that you are different than everyone else. He wants you to feel like no one gets you or wants to be around you. He wants you to conform to the world, so he pushes loneliness upon you. But it’s in those times when you feel alone, that God is so near. Oh friend, even in your loneliness, God loves you. He is nearer than ever. And you are not alone; nor will you ever be alone. There are many other believers walking the seemingly lonely walk right beside you. Open your eyes, love. See that there are other girls who are feeling the same as you. And remember, you have to escape the feeling of loneliness to see that.  And the only way to escape is by the Father, himself.

God never leaves, nor does he forsake you (Deut. 31:6). He is pursuing you day after day. And it saddens Him when you feel alone.  I promise you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I know it may really feel like you are left solo when you walk through a bad break up or your friends leave you out on a get-together, but God’s word gives us the promise that we will never walk alone. No matter if you are walking through the lowest valley or even the highest of mountains, you will always have a friend in Jesus. This is the confidence you should walk in.

When you are feeling most alone, my friend, seek God more than you ever have before. Find your belonging, comfort, and friend in the one who gave it all for YOU. And watch how the Lord will replace the words, outcast, loner, and weirdo… with loved, cherished, accepted, and child of God.

BUT… God made us to long for community and fellowship with people. So, feeling the ache of companionship isn’t necessarily a wrong emotion. Yes, you need to find your belongingness in Jesus, but you are also made to be around other believers, breathing life into each other. So, if you are trapped with that longing in your heart, get connected. First, get connected with the King, then with His people!!!!



The girl who has felt lonely:)



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