How I Study the Bible

Hello guys! This past week I was asked to share how I am currently reading and studying the Bible. I go through many different methods and shared, in detail, those methods in a post a few weeks ago. I wanted to update you all in what I am currently reading through, growing through, and how I am applying it to my daily life.

What I am reading// For the month of July I have been reading through Luke which is one of the many accounts of Jesus’ time on earth. Going through Luke this time has been so cool because the Lord has shown me so many things I have never realized. It is crazy how we can read a very well-known book of the Bible, such as Luke, and still glean new insights and things we have never realized before.

Before I read each night, I come to the Lord and ask Him to reveal Himself to me. I ask for Him to center my heart on Him and that He would reveal to me more of who He is and who I need to be. This has made all the difference.

I am one chapter away from finishing Luke. After Luke, I am jumping to 1st and 2nd Thessalonians for the rest of July. I have this tiny notebook where I map out each day of the week with however many chapters of a book of the Bible I need to read in order to get through it in that one month. Some nights I read one chapter, other nights I read two or three, it really just depends on the book. I have found this to be a very simple but also intentional way to work through the Bible and keep everything together. It is also fun to flip through my Bible and see full chapters all marked up!

I have mentioned that I use a concordance to go even more in-depth in my studies. This is just an addition when I stumble upon a word I want to understand more. I highly suggest purchasing one because they are beyond helpful.

In addition to reading the word of God each and every night, I have been trying to up my journal game and stumbled upon this awesome challenge called #fillthejournal. Basically, you crack open a brand new journal and fill up a full page each day. You can write whatever you want. It can be a prayer to the Lord, an overview of your day, or even a repeated word or phrase. The challenge is to fill up every single bit of white space on the page. It has been so cool and has really challenged me to express and work through my thoughts a little more. I HIGHLY suggest it.

How I am growing// This past month has been insane. We just moved and I knew that I needed to see this new area as my mission field. I have been going to every possible youth event I can attend and it has been wonderful! I have run into so many amazing people and am thankful for this opportunity. I am definitely understanding what it means to be the Church. To be one giant church that, although we are all spread out across the world, still serve the same God. While my old church and friends are 14 hours away, I am still connecting with them through our service and worship of the King of kings. I have been challenged so much in my boldness and urgency of sharing the gospel and have been able to see, first hand, how important it is to reach out and get connected as soon as possible!

How God is moving// Throughout this season of change in my life, God has revealed to me so many areas of struggle I didn’t even know I had. I mentioned one on a post on Wednesday and that is just the tip of the iceberg. While realizing that you have more issues you need to work through, is sometimes not the most encouraging thing, I have been so thankful for these realizations because God has been able to help me overcome them. With every flaw and sinful ounce of my being, there is an ocean full of grace and love to cover them. Although I am FAR from perfect, God is perfect and will help teach me how to handle the sin in my life.

This season of my life has been so fun and eventful and I am so thankful for how God is working in and through me. What kind of season are you in?

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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