For some odd reason, over the past two months, I have been amazed by this thought that just keeps running through my head… what was once your favorite thing, can soon become your least favorite. This idea came to me when I was uploading my pictures onto my computer. I somehow always run out of space on my phone and it was time to upload and delete. I find joy in looking through all of my pictures because I get to re-live some awesome memories. As I was scrolling through pictures, I came upon a picture that used to be my very favorite. The picture had everything going for it. The people were great, location was stunning, and the artsy factor was pretty great if I must say so myself. I was happy in that season of my life and therefore plastered that photo everywhere.

But the second I saw that picture, I started sweating and became flustered. How could one picture do that to a girl? How could one photo I deeply loved, now be one that knocks the breath right out of me? Many days and weeks have passed since that picture was taken, and the amount of change and growth that has taken place in my life proved to me that, while I may have been happy in that season of my life, I was ignoring the struggle and unhealthy life I was living. It had nothing to do with the other people in the photo, nothing to do with the location or the perfect lighting… it was my heart. It was the life I was living when the picture was taken that made me flustered.

The picture I once adored and was proud to show off was one that I considered deleting from the face of the universe. How crazy is life?! How crazy is change?

But you know what, I kept that picture. I kept it because it marks progress. It proves that I am growing into a better human and a better me. I kept that picture because I don’t just want to document the happy moments of life. Something about having photos that are hard to look at makes the good ones even better.

I am sure you have heard of her, but recenly Morgan Harper Nicholas has been flooding social media platforms with truth. She is a writer and artist that somehow manages to capture feelings we can all identify with but have never been able to put into words.

I have loved getting to see her work and she talks alot about loving and capturing the “small moments” of life. For Example:


It was after reading probably hundreds of her works that the Lord blessed me with a new favorite picture. The sun shining through my new windows onto what the Lord is doing in my life. The sun shining. A seemingly small moment that literally happens everyday.

I don’t want to live my life only taking pitures of awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experiances. I want the everyday, the ugly, and the perfectly normal moments that I will cherish forever. 

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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