Running Towards Something

I have had a very eventfully few days. My family is officially moving and with that brings a lot of ups and downs. I had to say goodbye to some very special people in my life and it isn’t easy. It is always bittersweet to say goodbye. Bitter because it is so hard and so so painful, but sweet because you can finally tell others how much they mean to you, and vice-versa. But nonetheless, it is very hard.

One of the hardest goodbyes was my school. I have loved this school and have experienced so many joys and triumphs. I have laughed and cried so much in those walls that it is hard to leave. I was given so much advice from all of my teachers and will never forget my last days there.

One teacher specifically gave me some advice that I think I will always remeber. He shared that you are always running. You are either running towards something or away from something. And if you find yourself running away from something, then you need to turn around and go towards it.

It was kinda life-shattering for me. Not that I never realized that, but that I have felt that way so many times, that when someone vocalized it I finally went the weight fall off my shoulders.

And although this move has been really hard, I feel like I am running towards something. I am running towards the future, I am running towards the best for my family and for these next few years. I am running towards the things God is asking me to do.

But honestly, I have been the person running away so many times. I run from past failures, I run from mistakes and slipups I have made, I run from things I don’t want to do and I run from the task God is calling me to tackle. For once, it feels good to run towards something.

Thinking about this running metaphor, I am reminded of the Jonah Veggie Tales (or the direct story of Jonah from the Bible… lol my mind went straight to the childish cartoon!!!). When Jonah was asked to go to Ninevah, he is faced with a decision. He can either hop on a boat and sail to Ninevah, or he can run away.

He chooses to run from the Lord and throughout the duration of his sprint from the Lord, he get’s thrown overboard and swallowed by a whale. He is constantly uneased by his disobedience and therefore cries out to the Lord.

Speaking from experience, when you run from something, you never are free from it. It’s what happens when you are playing tag. Constantly running away trying not to get tagged. It is fun for a minute but after awhile, being chased is no longer enjoyable.

The same is true for us. We step into true freedom when we stop running from things and start running towards the Lord. So although this next season of my life may be difficult, I know that I am running towards what the Lord is calling me to. And therefore I am living in true freedom!!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 



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