The “bests” of life

Sometimes all I need is a little bit of sunshine. Anybody feel that way? After months and months of the cold, any glimpse of sunshine takes me into this intense happy mood. Honestly though, anytime the heat starts showing its pretty face, I pull out the shorts and sandals and seem to be just a little bit happier. It’s bad that I allow something so little like the weather to affect my mood but nevertheless, it is the truth.

But this sun has got me very excited for the summer. School is out in just a matter of days and, although this summer will be very different, I am ready for a new adventure. I am ready to start something new, to live life outside of the walls of my school (which I love dearly, but I think we can all agree that it is time for a brief break 😀 ).

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I am really fond of setting goals and fresh starts. For some reason, every summer is like a fresh start for me. A new season that will be filled with ups and downs, a new season that will help shape the woman I am becoming. Even saying that gets me excited.

Over the past month, I have just been overwhelmed with excitment for what life has in store. I have been overcome with joy becaise of who God is and because He is in control of everything. I have literally been dancing and praising God every chance I get. Because the best of life hasn’t even happened yet. However, at the same time, these days are the best days of my life. One of my mentors told me that the “bests” of your life are the days you’re living right now… no matter your age or stage of life. These days are amazing because the Lord made them exactly like this.

I have excitement because I haven’t taken my favorite pictures yet, I haven’t listened to my favorite song, met my favorite people, tasted my favorite food. But, at the same time, I am doing all of those things now. I don’t know if this is making any sense but GUYS… we have so much life ahead. It doesn’t matter if you are 12 or 80 years old. You have life left! You have God-moments you can’t even fathom ahead of you. Favorite Bible verses you may not have read before.

And the crazy thing about all of this is that this hope, this excitement, this joy is nothing compared to what Heaven will be like. God gave us a hope and a future and after that, we get to spend the rest of our future in Heaven with the creator of all of this beauty.

In reality, we are really living a dream. We get to live, breath, feel, and experience on this earth, knowing that after all of this, we get to be in Heaven with the God of every smile, every sunrise, every laugh, every cry, every hug, every healing, every miracle, every triumph, every comfort, the God of everything. We are full because God is in control.

So yeah, life may be hard right now. You may be broken and hurt and that is totally okay. But, no matter how hard it may be, try to be thankful for the air in your lungs, the tingly feeling in your feet, and the feeling of being alive. Because, “Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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