Showing Up for People

My family is in the process of packing and in that process, you find a lot of things you may have lost track of. One of those things was a notebook from when I went to this leadership conference awhile back. It is filled with great one-liners and little encouraging ideas.

But the crazy thing is that when I saw that notebook I immediately thought of my biggest takeaway from the whole conference. I feel like it will always be stuck in my head, like one of those songs from your childhood that you may not sing 24/7 but you TOTALLY know every single stinkin’ word (cue any Hannah Montana song).

The idea is that you don’t have to be someone’s bestie from the first grade to show up for them. You don’t have to be the best person for the job, in order to comfort people. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of the person to be able to encourage them.

But so often I use those exact excuses. “God I am sorry, I can’t go console that girl crying because I don’t even know her name.” When, in reality, that’s the whole point. When you were crying in the corner, Jesus didn’t pass by claiming that, because you are sinful He can’t help you. No, while still in sin, God rescued you. Therefore, while I may not know the person, I can and I should still show up and comfort them.

And if that isn’t true enough, think about this for a moment. You have been entrusted with the gospel. You have the Holy Spirit. SO… when you “show up” for someone you also bring the love and power of Christ. It is great for just someone with a kind heart to help another person, but you also have the same power that rose Jesus from the dead. You have that, other people need that.

Now what if Jesus did just pass by all of the sick people, all of the hurting people on his paths. So many amazing miracles we hear about today wouldn’t have happened. The hope we have would not be as intense. Jesus still would have been Jesus but so many people would not have believed in Him. The same is true for us. When we pass by the hurting, we aren’t showing the power of Christ.

Think of every moment as a chance to display the power and love of Christ. Ultimately, that is the truth. In every second, we either live or die. We either become more alive in Christ or more dead in sin. It’s that simple, that black and white. And once you get that down, then it’s your job to give life to other people.

It’s your job to show up for them. No matter who they are, what they do, or what they don’t do, it is your job. As a follower of Christ, it is your mission to show up for people because that is exactly what Jesus did for you.

You don’t have to be someone’s bestie from the first grade to show up for them. Just show up.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster



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