Letter to the messy

You were created. Let that sink in. You, the same you that you see in the mirror, the same you that danced in your room as a kid and now jams in the car. Yes, you… you were created. Created in a perfect and amazing way. God gave you a unique view on life. He created your eyes to see things others may blow past. He created you to see the beautiful sunrises in the morning and the wonderful sunsets at night. He created your excitement when you hear that one song and your joy when you finally see someone you have REALLY missed.

The same person who rolls out of bed in the morning and avoids the mirror is the same person who will one day walk down the aisle on their wedding day. You were created. Not by mistake or coincidence but on purpose, with purpose, and for a purpose. Not to live life constantly comparing yourself to the next person but to Christ, your creator.

I am currently writing this post at school. It has been a pretty good day but I feel like I am walking under a low self-esteem cloud. My hair hates the rain and decides to grow in width about 10 times when it’s rainy. So presently, I am on my third hairstyle of the day and am still not satisfied. I decided, given current circumstances, that today is a t-shirt and jeans day which matches my frizzy hair lifestyle I have going on right now. And, as if my appearance didn’t affect my attitude enough (I know it’s so bad and selfish to let it mean this much to me) Satan just had to make me feel less than the perfect girl in my gym class. The one who is effortlessly beautiful as she makes me look like a mistake.

So if you have ever felt like a frizzy-haired mistake of a person, know that you aren’t that. I am writing this literally feeling that way. But the thing you must remember is that you have been created. Your thoughts are not the same thoughts as everyone else. Your view is unique to you. Your interests are YOUR interests. God took care and detail in creating you. Don’t let Satan turn God’s masterpiece into a  doodle. You are a wonderful piece of art made to be displayed, not to be drawn on a napkin and thrown away.

Frizzy hair and all, you are loved. Mistakes and all, you are loved. No matter who else or what else, you are loved. Period. It doesn’t matter who they say you are or who you think you are. God created and God loved is your true identity.

And if you don’t believe me, then think of the younger you. Think of the 7-year-old girl or boy who loved playing with toys and running outside. Think of your first day at school, your first birthday party you can remember. Think of the silly jokes you told your friends and the times you cried laughing. Your life IS a masterpiece. No matter what it looks like, your life full of memories is your art. God’s art. And it is worth all of the love and respect because you are royalty in Christ.

Don’t live another day of this life believing lies. God’s purpose for you is life, not death.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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