Time to start running

April is almost over and it finally feels like spring outside. It has been a long time coming but wow… spring I am so glad to see you!

This past month has been the most eventful month of my life. So many highs and lows but ultimately, it has been a month filled with so much joy! The Lord is working in mighty ways in my school and in this town and it is incredible to see.

Quick tangent, just today the Lord used me to bless someone and we had a quick little hug session in the middle of the school day! It was so so so great.

I wanted to take this post and encourage you guys to love this time of your life. No matter what season you are in, God IS working and doing more than you could ever imagine.

April has brought so many reasons to rejoice. I have always loved spring because it is a wonderful representation of what God does in our lives. We bloom and grow when the Lord works in our hearts. When God looks down at you, he sees beautiful. He sees his creation blooming and growing to their full potential.

I am not sure if you guys can tell from my posts but I have been very joyful these past few weeks. Not because of anything specific and honestly I know it isn’t because of anything worldly because life hasn’t been a breeze lately, but I am so thnkfil for who the Lord is and how he is working in my life, all the worldy stuff just disapperas. All the not nice things that I am told or things I have found out, mean nothing because I know who I am in Christ and I know that actually matters.

That is what I want for you guys! I want your lives to be filled with crazy amounts of joy that even when the very worst thing happens you can still sing praises to God. When you’re told the worst news, you know that you have the best God and this situation is just a way for Him to come through again. Because He always does. And when you don’t believe that, take my word for it. The God we serve is 100% good and powerful and he never lets His children down.

For those of you who aren’t finding joy in this season, there is hope. Things will get better! Stay steadfast. God is not abandoning you. He has mighty plans coming and it’s your job to run after Him during this time. I know it is hard and I know it seems much easier to look for happiness somewhere else. But there is a very big difference between happiness and joy… the difference is worth the extra effort.

These days are jampacked with opportunities for you to make someone else’s day better and to actually live your life. Don’t just let life happen to you, get it and live your life. Take the leap of faith and start doing the things you have always wanted to do. Better to do them now while the sun is shining then wait until the snow comes. You are on a mission my friends, God placed you in your town for a purpose, and it isn’t just to get by, you have been placed exactly where you are in order to change your world.

Rejoice in who God is and tell others about it. Because this world is closer to Jesus’ arrival than ever before, this is not the time to slack off. It’s time to start running.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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