The Importance of Rememberance

What a week and it is only Wednesday… anybody else double-checking their calendars to make sure it isn’t the weekend yet??

There are just weeks when it’s like everything is happening at once and guys it is INSANE! But God is good and the war is already won (I have had to keep reminding myself of this haha).

Honestly, whenever I have encountered something unexpected this week I just kept telling myself that Jesus has already defeated death and I have nothing to worry about. Something amazing happens when we do this when we remind ourselves of the truths of believing in Christ.

One of my mentors told me awhile back that you have to talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself. The difference is, when we talk to ourselves, we tell our mind and our heart what is truth and what is a lie. But, when we listen to ourselves, we allow our mind and heart to do all the talking. And, contrary to the very popular saying, “follow your heart” we read in Jeremiah 17:9 “the heart is deceptive” and that we shouldn’t live by the motives of our hearts.

So this week I have been trying to talk to myself. Trying to tell myself what is true and what is a big fat lie.

I think that around Easter we see the importance of remembering the things Jesus has done for us. We remember the gruesome death he bore for our sins. We remember his promise to rise again and his fulfillment of that promise. But from Easter Sunday to next year’s Easter Sunday, we forget. We get caught up in the crazy winds of life and allow the significance and breathtaking love story of our salvation pass with the seasons.

Guys, I am the most guilty of this. I get so pumped for Easter but the next week I am nulled by the story I have heard a million times… how TERRIBLE is that?

However, one step I have tried to take over the past few years is journaling. I jot down notes from passages I have read, I write out the majority of my prayers and take sermon notes. I have about 50 journals for different things, for the sole purpose of processing my thoughts and remembering what God has done in my life.

It has been AMAZING to go back and read the things I was going through. I get to read about my first day in high school, the first time I lead worship at my youth group. The first time I was honest with God about how I was feeling. Every time I crack open those notebooks I am flooded with joy and a rejoiceful heart.

Because what is the point of our faith if we can’t/don’t remeber the hard times, the seasons of trials and the times our hearts broke? Faith is not only for things to come but the remembrance of how we have been delivered from our pasts. That is faith.

So this week, when fear comes to me and leaves me shaking and trembling, I’m going to remember three years ago when I got up on stage and starting singing worship songs to my father in front of my high school peers. When something or someone tries to define me, I will remeber the prayer I prayed thanking the Lord for creating me and loving me as his chosen child. When I mess up, I will remeber the grace of God that defeated death for me.

Now, how much better does that sound than living life in a bad mood? Exactly… remember what God has done and live in light of his faithfulness.


XOXO, The Christian Prepster


One thought on “The Importance of Rememberance

  1. You NEVER cease to amaze me. So very proud of you and all you do. Know that you are loved beyond measure and that God has great plans for you as you continue on this fantastic journey
    LY w/o conditions.


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