Always Flowers

Hey everyone! I have missed you. I had a wonderful spring break but was so ready to start blogging again!

Coming back from spring break is always so hard… yet, these past few days have been insane. Insane meaning wonderful and crazy… not like insanely bad or anything. But overall just an insane few days. I have been filled with tremendous amounts of joy and refreshment. It’s been like a fresh restart in my life and I LOVE it.

I have already seen a change in my heart and in my view of life. Something about change always makes me nervous but after the change has happened, I am always better off. My goal is to just trust God during the process and tell myself that his will is best because honestly, it TOTALLY is.

This past week was my spring break and I really wanted to use this time to focus on my family and my friendships. I loved getting to step away for awhile and refocus. During the many silly conversations I had with one of my very best friends, she gave me some advice.

This girl is a classic bestie. She is so sweet and hilarious to be around. I don’t know if this makes sense, but she is like a walking Pinterest. She has the very best ideas and is full of amazing one-liners that just stick with you.

We were having a conversation about something in my life that didn’t go as I had hoped (truthfully, if it would have it would have left me worse off… and I know that now but at the time I was very upset) and she just kept saying this gem,

“There are always flowers for those who look for them.”

If you have been following my blog the past few months I have been REALLY obsessed with flowers. They just represent happiness and something about them helps me stay positive. So when my awesome friend shared that advice with me I knew it would stick for a while.

It’s so true. It’s not just a catchy phrase, it is the truth. There are always good things for those who seek them. There are always God-moments for those who try to find them.

And as I said, if that specific situation would have worked out, I would leave me empty in the end. It was a blessing in disguise. Sometimes those are the absolute best blessings. It reminds me that my plan is not best, it isn’t even good in comparison to God’s absolute best for my life.

The same goes for the bad days. For instance, just this week I came back from my spring break to a car covered in snow. SNOW I TELL YOU SNOW!!!!

Now, I am a fan of the beautiful fluffy stuff but not when it’s the start of April… but it’s fine because “There are always flowers for those who look for them.” And my flower in this snow is knowing that the Lord has given me this new season to seek him without any distractions. He is working BIG TIME in the lives of my people and it is beautiful to see. I would choose snow and life change over sun and sin any day!!!!

So I am looking towards the future with a heart full of flowers. I am so excited for what these next years hold. But with that, I am honestly excited to see what this next hour holds. I’m living in the moment with joy in my heart because Jesus is alive and working overtime.

Here is to living God’s best for my life. I hope you guys can feel that same joy… and if you don’t, remember…

“There are always flowers for those who look for them.”

I love you guys and want the very best for you! Seek God and you’ll live in His best.

P.s. I am doing this super cool study right now. I am in the process of writing out all of the Psalms. Each morning I handwrite one chapter of Psalms and pray through each verse. It is amazing and a super great way to meet with God. I encourage you to give it a try!

Also, listen to Hillsong’s new album… it’s life changing!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster



One thought on “Always Flowers

  1. You are able to open my heart and put a big smile on my face this morning! You are one of the most precious, beautiful flowers in my life! My heart is full with God’s blessings!


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