Spring Resolutions

A few posts ago I talked about how to set attainable goals. I got a lot of great feedback from that post and wanted to share some of the things I’m going to work on over the next… well, however long it takes to accomplish these goals.

Think of this as like a spring list of resolutions. Because I love the idea of the classic New Year’s resolutions but I need a more constant reminder of my goals.

My goal in writing this is to encourage you all to live a life of growth. Constantly moving forward and stepping into God’s best for your life. And just trust me when I say this… God’s best is way better than what you think is best. I have learned from experience.  For your life, why go with the off-brand best? Put in the work, the hard, God-honoring work for the real deal. The best. Not some sloppy fake version of the best.

I hope to do just that. I hope to seek the very best for my life and the lives of those around me. I want to seek the Lord and obey him no matter what.

Personal life:

I am really hoping to become a healthier version of myself. This exceeds eating better and working out more, this reaches the areas of my life I tend to overlook. I need to start allowing myself to work through my emotions instead of just wrapping them up. I’m really looking forward to talking with others and being more open with the people around me. I want to make sure that my mind is healthy and that I can have healthy friendships founded on truth.

Along with that, I need to start getting a better hold on my surroundings. I want to have a tighter hold on my tongue (complaining has lifted its evil head recently) as well as the things I am allowing to take up my time. Just making sure that I am pouring Godly things into my life in order to see Godly things come out.

With that being said, the most tangible way to be healthier is my physical health. I am currently in my track season and have seriously been missing the mark on my water intake. That’s another small goal of mine… to drink LOTS more water.

Spiritual Life:

This is the BIG one. I am really looking forward to tackling this next thing. I need to improve my self-control. I am terrible at controlling myself and holding myself to the high standards I hold others to. I’m praying that the Lord will give me the strength to say yes to Him instead of yes to myself. Sounds odd but honestly, I struggle to tell myself no.

As you can imagine, this is a very massive issue. But as I said, I am eager to fix this and hope to see major improvements over the next few months, or years.

One thing I can always improve on is my time in God’s word and in prayer. I am starting some new devotionals and books so I’m pumped to get a better understanding of the God I love.


As I have said in many… many other posts, I have this new sense of urgency in my life. Knowing that I am close to the next chapter of my life, I see these last months as a mission to make Heaven as crowded as possible. However, I have slacked off a lot recently.

I am excited to refocus on those around me. To start pouring into my friends like a crazy lady. Really enjoy time with my family and the stage we are in right now.

And most importantly, start speaking into the lives of fellow high school students that I pass in the hallways. My game plan for this is to spend the extra time I have in the mornings to reach out to someone new. Every. Single. Day.

Rain or shine I want to meet someone new every day. This sounds very daunting and I won’t stop until I know every person at my school. I really want to do this, I really want to be able to touch the lives of as many people as possible. Not because I want everyone to know me, but I want everyone to know God and how He has changed my life.

I hope that my goals will encourage you to take steps towards God this week. Because ultimately, that’s what this is all about. Taking a look at the corners of our hearts and giving God full control. It’s scary and hard. But man it is beyond worth it.

I also wanted to let you all know that I am going to take a week off blogging because of spring break. I really want to spend this time focusing on God and my family. So I will see you on Wednesday the 11th!

Please remember that I love you guys and am praying for each and every one of you. I am excited to grow with you guys and run towards God together.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster







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