When it is Hard to Obey God

Anybody else counting down the hours until spring break?? I don’t know if I have ever been more ready for a break than I am right now. Not that I’m super stressed, but I’m honestly so ready to just relax and breath a little bit.

Recently, I have encountered God in a super awesome way. Sometimes he just opens our eyes to things we have been blinded by. And this time, my job is to obey him.

Now obedience isn’t always my strongest quality. Ironically, in the 5th grade, I was awarded the obedience award which consisted of me (apparently) showing high levels of obedient behavior. I try so so so hard to be obedient. But truthfully, If I can push having to come face to face with obediance, I will.I try to convince myself that God actually isn’tcalling me to that thing.

When in reality, I know he is, I know I’ll have to face whatever I am running from. And I have an inclination that I am not the only person running from obedience. Especially you teenagers out there. We are the best at dodging obedience.

Going back to how God revealed himself to me recently, there was something different about this revelation. Something refreshing and very VERY challenging. He called me to obedience. He called me to discomfort, and he called me to the areas I need to fix.

It was as if he blindfolded me, took my hand, walked me into the ugliest parts of my heart, and took off the blindfold. But he didn’t walk away. He held my hand and said we are going to work on these together.

It wasn’t scary. He wasn’t punishing me for anything or pointing his righteous finger at me and saying how disappointed he was. It was as if he was saying, “My child, I think you’re ready to overcome these.”

And honestly, I am SO ready. I am so ready to stop lying to myself and to God. I am ready to step into God’s best for my life. I am ready to put on robes of righteousness and believe I have been made holy.

That is what obedience is. Obedience doesn’t have to be the word we dread hearing. It doesn’t have to be the thing that knocks us down a few pegs and reminds us that we aren’t the authority figures in our lives. Instead, obedience can be a sign of growth. A fulfillment of the promise God has made to us, that he is not done with us yet. Obedience can give us security in knowing that God has this thing all under control.

And this may just be a post to myself (which I believe most posts really are… so I’m glad you all need them too). Because I need to view obedience as an act of worship and not punishment. I need to train myself to obey God even when that means denying myself.

Notice how I said, “when that means denying myself.” Because it is a when and not an if. On most occasions, obeying God will mean denying yourself. And we just have to get used to that. Because humans are sinners. No matter how young or old you are, you are a sinner. And the opposite of a sinner is God.  So, in order to obey God, you will need to deny your sinful actions.

It is not going to be easy. I can promise you that. But I can also promise, that when you obey God, you will feel so free and refreshed. You will feel closer to God and closer to a more godly you.

I love you guys, thanks for always being here for me and encouraging me to keep writing. You are amazing. Now go and obey the God of creation!!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


4 thoughts on “When it is Hard to Obey God

      1. You’re welcome! (And the pictures you take are phenomenal too 😭)

        Also, want to check out my blog?? 😛 I’m a newer blogger and would love feedback on my blog…


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