The words we speak

Happy Saturday! This has been a pretty good week for me and I have learned a lot… which is good but sometimes painful.

I am looking forward to this next season of my life. All of the sudden I have been slapped in the face with the fact that I am super close to college-aged and need to start living with urgency.  Instead of living with the mindset that I will always be in high school, but rather that my time here is very… VERY short.

I have always loved writing and publish speaking. It is definitely a gift of mind but I didn’t always know how much I would love words. The little things we use every day to talk about how we feel, what we saw, and to help those around us.

But those same things can be used to crush people. The words we speak can praise the Lord one moment and put down one of his children. Our mouths praise the Lord and then gossip about others. It’s crazy how we can do this. And I am the very worst. I don’t want you to think that I have things all together in a nice pretty package. Honestly, I don’t… not even close. I am in like a pile with the box thrown across the room.

I try so hard to always say nice things and to prise the father continuously. But it is not easy and not possible.  But that is not an excuse for us to not try.

I am the person who will type away on this blog and then beat myself up because I can’t live up to the challenges I am passing onto you. I am the person who loves to worship the Lord but complains about my school work. I am the worst at this… and that is why I can talk about how detrimental our words can be.

Recently I have been trying to remind myself (and others) that the words we speak reflect the condition of our hearts. And guys, it is SO SO SO true. When we fill our heart with selfish things we start to talk poorly about others. When we meditate on things that don’t please the Lord, we start saying things and complaining about things that we shouldn’t.

Besides not giving glory to the Lord, how many of you are people pleasers? Both my hands are raised! People pleasing seems like such a good thing but it is not what we are called to do. I sometimes catch myself deciding not to say something about my faith when I am around certain people because I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable.

I find myself proclaiming the gospel on mission trips but keeping it to myself at home because I know others get offended.

“… so we speak, not to please people, but rather God who exaimes our hearts.” -1Thessalonians 2:4-

Boom right there, pleasing people with our words is not what we are called to do. We are called to love them and encourage them with our words… but not to please them. To lie to them because we think it is what they want to hear.

Another huge part of that is lying. The last part of that verse touches on a tough subject for many of us. We love to show others that we are “fine” and have things together. But read that last part again…

“but rather God who exaimes our hearts.” -1Thessalonians 2:4-

If we are struggling with something and keep it in. If we lie to others and lie to ourselves, then you are still speaking to please others. Let’s take this even deeper… if you are lying to yourself, that is also people pleasing.

But God pleasing speech is much much different. God pleasing speech is the speech that builds others up. The speech that glorifies rather than complains. God pleasing speech is the kind says the truth in love instead of a lie just to keep everyone happy.

This next week, my challenge for you is to examine your speech, examine your heart, take an inventory of the words you are saying.

And what I want most for you guys is honesty. Honesty with yourself and your amazing God. He loves you like CRAZY and wants to be welcomed into the corners of your heart. Let Him in… please let Him in.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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