Blooming – Week update

The Lord is moving in mighty ways my friends, very mighty ways. This past week I was overwhelmed by the amount of care and love the Lord lavishes onto his people. It was like every morning brought a new wave of God’s grace, love, and mercy.

The biggest joy I received this week actually came from a random act of kindness. A few of my best friends and I decided to buy some flowers and hand them out to students in the morning before school. The amount of joy those flowers gave to the students was so life-giving. It was amazing to see how they valued them and carried them to each class.

Honestly, though, it was so hard to hand them out. It is not easy to walk up to a complete stranger and hand them a flower and smile at them. Seems easy but it is not. But girl it is SO impactful. And the coolest part is that they didn’t know who I was. They didn’t need to be my bestie in order for me to brighten their day. They didn’t need to know my stance on political issues or even my name.

Kindness breaks down so many walls. And after we passed out all those flowers, it was impactful to see those flowers throughout the day. Seeing the students carry them to each class, to the lunch room, and placed in their water bottles to make sure they stay alive. It was a tangible way of seeing the impact we have on those around them.

My whole day was changed because of that visual. If my small act of kindness affected that many peoples lives, then I need to start doing more. I need to be the person who knows everybody’s names and tells them I love them.

I need to be the person who smiles at them in the hallway when nobody else will. I need to be the person that shares my story of redemption in every conversation because truthfully, it affects everything.

Now, I am probability beating a dead horse with all these posts about joy, kindness, and the urgency of sharing the gospel. And I’m sorry if you are annoyed with it. But I am just being constantly reminded of how the joy of the Lord IS our strength. The only way we will get through the hard days are by choosing joy. The only way we will make the world a better place is by making our schools a better place, making our cities a better place, making our friends better.

It really does start with us. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you have done, or what people think of you. If you believe in Christ and have been reborn in him, then you have the opportunity to make this world a better place.

Passing out flowers changed my life. Because it had nothing to do with me. Nobody knew who I was and they probably never will. It had everything to do with what God was doing through me and in the lives of those students.

My prayer after this great week is that when bad weeks come when It is harder to choose joy, and when I struggle to be happy, that I will still be able to praise my father in heaven. I pray that I will be able to sing to him from a joyful heart even if I am not happy at the moment.

And because if that, I have a flower in my car as a reminder to choose joy no matter what. Because I am going to need all the help I can get!!

On an unrelated note, something very exciting happened a few days ago. I was notified that my blog is one of the top 30 Christian lifestyle blogs on the internet! Check out the full list on:

I want to thank you all for the support and love you constantly send my way. You guys are amazing and I thank you for your willingness to grow closer to Christ.

Have a fantastic week!!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster



2 thoughts on “Blooming – Week update

  1. Congrats on being in the top thirty. Am I surprised, ABSOLUTELY NOT.. You are and always be NUMBER ONE ! with me.. Love you ! This is a great post today. Keep up the exciting work you are doing.. Pap


  2. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and am able to share your visions and passions! So pleased your blog is doing so well!!! God is great and you are so special!! Love you!!


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