Coffee & Conversations #4

It’s Saturday once again! Praise the Lord!!! I am pumped for this post… so grab a cup of coffee and get ready!!! It’s a GREAT one.

We read about one of the bravest women in history, in the book of Esther. The impact she had on history is incredible. Her courage, strength, and fearlessness is what changed the world. And in this book, God isn’t mentioned… not even once. But boy does it point to Him!

The book of Esther kicks off with the unfortunate story of Queen Vashti. To make it brief, Queen Vashti didn’t come to her husband when he called (very disrespectful at that time) and was cast out of the kingdom.

The king was in search of a new queen and called all eligible women to be taken care of with months of preparations (spa treats and all that good stuff). After a very extensive time of preparation, there was a pageant held to see which lady would become the next Queen.

As you can imagine, this was a big deal. Many women came to compete for the Queen position (haha I’m picturing something like that show the bachelor… which I have never seen but have heard about). I’m sure there were ladies of many different backgrounds, morals, and types of people in that pageant.

But there was one lady in particular that seemed to stick out. Her name was Esther. Esther lived with her cousin, Mordecai, because her parents had passed away. Esther was a very beautiful and kind Jewish woman. At this time, the Jews were not favored lived life being looked down upon. Mordecai instructed Esther to make sure she didn’t talk about being Jewish so that it wouldn’t be a hindrance in this pageant.

Thankfully, the king found favor in Esther and decided that she would be his new queen. In this excitement, Esther started to get comfortable with being queen. I can just imagine Esther sitting on her bed while her food was brought to her. I can imagine her writing to her cousin talking about how large the kingdom was and how magnificent it all was.

While Esther was loving her new life, one of the king’s servants started to get power hungry. Haman, the power-hungry meany, hated Mordecai. Mordecai was known as an outspoken jew and thus became Haman’s enemy, There were many run-ins between the two of them, one of which ended with Haman persuading the king to have all of the Jews killed, just because Haman didn’t like Mordecai.

This decree meant that all of the Jewish people (God’s chosen people) would be killed. Esther (the Jewish queen) had the choice between interfering with her new husband or watching all of her people die. Not a typical, everyday, easy choice.

Not to mention, the previous queen (Vashti) disobeyed the king and we all know what happened to her *queue kick to the curb sound*.

Esther had some serious thinking to do, it was no longer about her luxurious life at the kingdom, this was a life and death decision… and not just for her life, but all of God’s people.

She fasted for three days. She even wrote to family asking them to do the same.

And her cousin Mordecai replied with my all-time favorite verse in the Bible,

“If you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place. But you and your father’s household will be destroyed, But perhaps you were created for such a time as this.”

Mordecai’s wonderful advice encouraged Esther to approach the king and put a stop to, what could have been, the end of the jews. Esther’s bravery saved a whole nation.

Talk about some true bravery! Esther sure had one hard decision to make! I mean, we all know the right choice she should make, but is that always the easiest? It was either save her people or save herself.

Have you ever been put in a situation where you had to choose between life or death? Now, that seems dramatic, but I am talking about a circumstance something along the lines of speaking the name of Jesus to your lost friends.The positive would be your allowing your friend to have the chance to receive freedom and the negative is that you would feel uncomfortable! But you want to know something friends, God makes you brave.

When He calls you out of the boat, He will give you the strength and courage. When you feel the Lord pressing something on your heart, you should ask the Lord to fill you with bravery, and then go out and do it! Just as Mordecai said to Esther, I am saying to you, if you don’t do what the Lord asks, He will ask someone else. I know you don’t want that, do you?

The last part of the verse is one of my favorites, (I actually have it hanging on my wall in my room!) It says,

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.”

Maybe this is the reason why God allowed her to become queen, was so that she could set her people free. And I would be brave enough to say, the place God has you in right now, is not by accident.

There will come a moment, like the one Esther encountered, where God asks you to do something so out of your comfort zone. And at that moment, it will all click as to why God has you in this spot. It was no mistake that God placed Esther in the queen’s seat. But friends, you don’t have to be standing on a pedestal to do amazing acts of bravery for the Lord.

Maybe you’re in a season of walking in the valley and are questioning God, asking Him why He could let you walk in such a low place. And today, I’m calling out to you, and saying, Perhaps this is the moment God has been waiting for. At this moment, God wants to use you in incredible ways, in the place you are at, you only have to let Him.

Just like Esther, she chose bravery instead of hiding! She could have easily given a multitude of excuses. But that is not what she did. I want to you encourage you, wherever you are at, ask God how He wants to use you in this season. Ask your Father to fill you with bravery and courage.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster & Loved by the King


One thought on “Coffee & Conversations #4

  1. What a way to be inspired….reading your post about Esther was a reminder to be brave in our daily lives and live our faith!!! Love, Love


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