Worshiping in Every Moment

I am a huge fan of worship. I love singing out to the Lord and serving in any way I can. Over the past few years, I have really tried to make worship a bigger part of my everyday life.

I would listen to Christian music. Sign up to serve more and pray for every aspect of my life. Then I would walk into school and dread my next assignment, presentation, or even just having to sit in those uncomfortable chairs. I thought worship was in my life… but I was very, very blind.

I went through this season of not being motivated. Well, I was motivated… motivated to get back in bed!

I used to love school (as much as one can) but wasn’t feeling that way anymore.

I started praying and asking the Lord to give me some motivation. For my heart to view my academics in a different and radical way. It took awhile, but eventually, the Lord revealed something to me.

Worship doesn’t stop at the door of our churches, worship doesn’t end when the radio is turned off or we leave a service opportunity. Worship is every second of every day. 

When I realized this, my whole view of education, work, and the stuff we “have to do”, completely changed.

I realized that school is actually the coolest thing ever (stay with me… stay with me). I get to spend 7ish hours a day learning about the world God has created.

I get to learn about our past and how God has led us to this day. I get to learn about how people have experienced this life, how they can express themselves and open up. I get to learn about the mechanics of how this world runs. With each assignment and lecture, I get a better picture of who my God is.

I know it may sound crazy. But my prayer was to be able to see my schooling as a way of worshiping the Lord. A way of learning about his creation and giving him glory.

Now, this goes for those of you who are out of school and have been dreading going to work. Your job is helping people… no matter what it is, you are affecting people in some way. Not to mention the people you cross paths with every day.

You have the gift of Christ. And with that gift, your eternal job is to share that with those people around you. You are right where you need to be, for this reason.

Those people you walk by, need your joy. Those people you eat lunch with, need you to be intentional with them. Don’t pass this responsibility onto someone else. God has entrusted you with this.

I don’t mean to sound harsh. But God is closer than he has ever been before. There is some urgency we need to accept.

My prayer is that, as I enter this next trimester of schooling, that I will be more intentional than ever before. That I will start seeing my academics as a way of giving glory to God. Because, in reality, we were made to worship.

And be honest with me, would you rather dread something or be excited about something. It’s an odd question but it is really that simple. You get to choose how you react to situations. You have the choice of being joyful or complaining.

Living this Christian life is a constant decision. It is a choice we have to make every second of every day. Whether we enjoy the task or not, God can be found in everything. You just have to seek him.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


2 thoughts on “Worshiping in Every Moment

  1. I think our problem as Christians is that we wait for Sunday’s to worship, when in reality worshipping with the Lord everyday, prepares us to worship with others on Sunday. Great post, thanks for sharing, May the Lord bless you


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