Coffee & Conversations #3

Ahh… another weekend! Who else was ready for this one??

Now… about this post, I’ve been looking forward to this all week long. I’m excited to be sharing my all-time favorite woman of the Bible! She is found in 1 Samuel 25.

Abigail is married to a man named Nabal (which is translated to “fool”). Is it possible to love a story already? I love writing and Abigail’s story just seems like a work of art. Her husband literally being named fool just makes me laugh so, so much.

Anyways, in 1 Samuel 25:3, we are introduced to both characters.

“The man’s name was Nabal, and his wife was named, Abigail. The woman was intelligent and beautiful, but the man, a Calebite, was harsh and evil in his dealings.”

Immediately, just going off how they are described, you can tell that they are opposites. We have the intelligent woman and a foolish husband.

We jump down a few verses and see that David was traveling along with some of his men. The custom at this time was that if someone was traveling and was in need of food, the residents in that area would help them out. Nabal was even having a feast at this time.

David sent one of his men to inquire of Nabal to give David some food. Not a crazy thing to ask. Especially of a person who David had helped in the past (1 Samuel 25:6-8).

“David’s young men went and said all these things to Nabal on David’s behalf, and they waited. Nabal asked them ‘Who is David?’ Who is Jesse’s son? Many slaves these days are running from their masters.” 1 Samuel 9-10

The way Nabal responds is proof of his name. Nabal refused to feed David and in such an inhumane way. He degraded him and stripped David of his worth.

As you can imagine, when word got back to David, he was furious. We see in verse 13 that David tells his men to grab their weapons and prepare for battle.One of David’s men went to warn Abigail (that beautiful and intelligent woman married to an absolutely foolish man).

Abigail was astonished by her husband’s response. He had single-handedly brought a war to her household and she was not about to stand for it.But what makes her so amazing is that, despite her anger and fury against her husband, she didn’t act out of her frustration. She didn’t kill her husband or even yell at him.

Instead, we read in verses 23-29 that she meets David and his angry, bloodthirsty men. She kneels onto the ground and takes the blame. Mic drop.

She offers them food and relates to them. She basically says, “I know my husband is a fool, I have lived with him for so long and am so, so sorry.”

Just imagine this. David was so furious because not only was he not helped, but he also wasn’t known. He wasn’t remembered. It was a flashback to his younger years. When his father was asked to present all of his sons as potential kings and David was left in the field. The same wound just reopened.

But Abigail was able to sympathize with him. She was able to heal the wound and calm down the hungry men.This is why I love her. This is why there was no bloodshed on that night. Abigail’s humbleness changed the course of history. Her ability to be honest and fill the need made her one of the very few women mentioned in the Bible.

Oh friends, isn’t Abigail’s story so amazing? She truly is a woman of beauty, humbleness, and wisdom. One of the major points we can take away from the life of Abigail is that she chose to exemplify grace when frustration and anger would have been the natural emotions to a group of men storming toward her home to destroy her household. She could also have been clouded with anger toward her husband for bringing such turmoil on her home with his foolish ways.

Instead of letting the way he treated her, destroy her, she was steadfast in her duty to protect her household. As you read above, Abigail exemplified much courage to meet David and his men before they reached Nabal. Nabal’s wife did this so she might extend grace and kindness to the honorable men who were treated so poorly by Nabal. However, the highlight of her meeting David is that she bowed in his presence.

What a monumental moment!  Abigail manifested a great amount of grace and meekness. She even pleaded with David, “let the blame fall on me!” Unbelievable! I don’t know about you guys, but in heated moments, it sure is hard to extend grace and especially hard to not blame others! Let us not bow to anger, but choose to bow to grace. Time after time, may we choose to lay down our pride and not pick up the banner of anger.

Have you had a moment in life where choosing anger would have been so much easier than choosing grace? For someone who has really struggled with anger, I can agree that most times I would much rather bow to anger.

It feels good and believe it or not, certain hormones are released that cause us to feel good when we’ve let out steam. However, when I read stories like this, it reminds me of the importance of choosing grace. Truly, Abigail’s decision to extend grace saved her household. She saved her husband, a man I am for certain she would rather not be yoked with. Yet she moved past all bitterness and hatred and walked in humility. Friends, can we be like Abigail?  Can we clothe ourselves in grace and humility when our pride rises up and it would be easier to be angry?

When you have the choice to either bow to anger or bow in humility, I pray deeply, that you would choose to be humble every single time. I am committed to doing this with you. I will be praying, that as you walk in humility, the chains of bitterness and anger would fall at the feet of Jesus.

I don’t know the difficult situation you are in right now. I don’t know the bitterness you harbor against someone that hurt you. However, I do know that if you decide to bow down to grace, you will see just how powerful our God is. He will right your wrongs. He  will vindicate you. He will bless you for forgiving.

Say no to anger and walk covered in grace.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster & Loved by the King


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