How to Have the Best Day

You know what’s crazy? Rain or shine, I always know that Wednesdays will be great days. Ever since I started this blog, Wednesdays have always held a special place in my heart. It’s like I have a little jolt of encouragement for the rest of the week. So thank you! Thank you for encouraging me and making my week much, much better.

As the years have gone by, one statement has become more and more truthful. That is that life happens in seasons. You go through great heights and terrible lows. The same goes for our outlook on life and our weeks.

We all have had weeks that just seem to drag on and on. The weeks that take every ounce of willpower we have.

And then we’ll have a week of joy and filled with love. Ask anyone who is around me often, and they will tell you that I fall into this. One week is great and the next is… not so great, at all.

I saw this terrible rollercoaster I was on and decided to start figuring out how I can get off of it. I tried listening to my favorite jams in the morning. I tried packing all of my bags the night before. I tried treating myself to something yummy.

All of those are good things. But my best days, my most joyful and life-giving weeks were the ones where I started with Jesus.

The morning where I went private before I went public. 

I know it sounds cliche, but you’re on a Christian blog for a reason, to hear the truth. To hear real-life proof of what the Bible is telling us.

The mornings spent in prayer, preparing myself for the day ahead. The mornings where I read the verses plastered all around my room are the days when I remember God’s truth. The mornings where I remind myself of the God I have rooting for me, are the weeks when I am my most confident self.

It seems like such a little task. To take the necessary steps in order to make your day great. But it takes rolling out of bed every morning with intention.

It means making your first step on the ground a good one. Not allowing your first few minutes to be all groggy and angry.

My best days start with mornings that look like this:

  • Pray before my feet hit the floor.
    • Read verses like Isaiah 6:8 and Psalm 143:8-10
  • Sit down in my comfy spot and crack open my Bible
    • Pray over the day to come
  • As your getting dressed, think of putting on the armor of God.

I am telling you, our days and weeks are numbered. Let’s not spend them angry and longing for a few more hours in bed. Live this life attacking each opportunity. Who else will spread joy if you don’t? Don’t count on someone else. Be the joy-giver, be the friend, and be the one who spends their first moments with Jesus.

I love you guys so so much. Excited to chat more Saturday!

I’d love to hear from you: Let me know what you guys do in the morning that helps you have a better day!!

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XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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