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Hello friends! I’ve been eager to introduce you to a new miniseries I’ll be doing with Loved by the King! Make sure to check out her blog and Instagram!

Both of us love Jesus and are fascinated with the women in the Bible. We wanted to share some of their stories and how they are very similar to all of us,

And what better way to do so than to start from the very beginning…

Eve, the first woman ever created. Walked in perfect wholeness in the garden with her Father and lived shame-free! Wouldn’t that be wonderful, to live shame-free? But friends, can I tell you a little secret…  God never intended us to live and walk in shame.

How many of you have felt the feeling of shame? If we are being honest with others and ourselves, the answer will be yes. And that is because shame began after the fall.

Genesis 2:25 reads,

“Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

After the fall, shame fell over them. To the extent that Eve tried to physically hide from God. However, we cannot run from shame, yet we can be set free from shame. One major lesson that we take away from Eve, is that she hid from what would set her free. She hid from the breaker of chains, the forgiver of sins, healer of broken hearts. Eve felt so ashamed and unworthy of being in the presence of Lord, that she did not even want God to see her in her mess. I am sure many of you can relate. In those moments when you feel so low and ashamed, or maybe a sin you created or past mistakes, that you did not even want to be in the presence of the Lord. But friends, in His presence, is where you will find wholeness, forgiveness, and the removal of those chains the enemy has placed on you. The only thing that will set you free from shame is the Lord. So why would you hide from the very thing that will cure you?

Sadly, the process is not always easy. Since our Father never intended us to bear such heavyweights of shame or whatever that weight is, we must go back to the source that the shame came from. In Genesis 3:11 it says, “And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

God asked Eve, “who told you?” That is so powerful. Because when you are carrying the weight of words that people have spoken over you or the shame due to past mistakes, you need someone to ask you,

“who told you that?”

“ Who told you that you were a mess and not worthy?”

“ Who told you that you will never live up to your full potential?”

 “Who told you that your mistakes define you?”

Those are lies that the enemies try to tell us. But oh friends, when you locate the virus of shame and bring it to the feet of our Healer, Chain-breaker, and Deliverer, you will feel those chains break, those weights being lifted off your shoulders. And now, you can walk this earth without chains, without shame whispering in your ear. Quite frantically, you can go to Heaven with chains, but why would you want to walk this earth wearing such heavyweights, that can be easily lifted. Do not hide from our Father. He is so desperately wanting to remove that shame and clothe you with worthiness and freedom, just as He did for Eve! He loves you so much, beautiful souls.

But let’s look at where this all started. That evil, evil serpent. He looked straight into the eyes of a woman who was trying to live a godly life and tricked her. He took a seemingly “okay” thing and destroyed the world with it. He knew that the second he mentioned that forbidden tree, Eve would start to question.

I think we underestimate Satan. He is a lot more experienced and cruel than we like to imagen. Now, I’m not trying to scare you. Just realize that the devil knows exactly what he was doing. I have seen the devil use the same method on me, as he did on Eve. It looks something like this:

  1. Satan questions the truth. God’s truth.
  2. Satan then presents a very confident argument.


And that’s it, folks. He gets us to question what we’ve known as truth and leaves the rest up to our sinful nature. It’s like he drops a bomb and walks away.

I remember as a kid I really didn’t like Eve. I know that sounds terrible but I thought it was so selfish of her to eat that fruit and bring sin into the world. Maybe you feel this way right now. You’re mad at Eve… or you’re mad at yourself for bringing sin into your life.

You can’t go back in time. You can’t go back and avoid the sin, and neither can Eve. But, what you can do is live a life freed from shame. The Devil is still working and his time is running out. We are closer to the arrival of Jesus than ever before. The Devil is terrified. Don’t give him another second of your time.

And honestly, it makes sense… what else would he try to do? He wants you to live in that sin. He wants you to hold back from God because of your past sins. He wants to keep you there and make your life miserable. He wants you to cling to shame instead of God and the freedom He will bring.

As we go into this next week. Don’t let Satan get a foothold in your life. Seek freedom and live fearlessly. Shame was never supposed to be something God’s precious children would have to deal with. Especially not alone. Go to Him. Let Him in. And let him take your shame away. 


XOXO, The Christian Prepster & Loved by the King


4 thoughts on “Coffee & Conversations

  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog! you inspire me so much and get me to reflect on all of God’s wonderful blessings if we only reach out to him! Love and prayers Dear Granddaughter!

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