One Year Older

This is one of my very favorite blog posts to write. With my birthday tomorrow, I’m so excited to take this time to reflect on the past year.

Since my last birthday, I have experienced a lot of new things. Growing up is so fun but also very scary. Getting older, tackling new responsibilities, and having to start making decisions that will affect the rest of my life, are just normal things now.  Normal, everyday tasks to conquer.

Almost daily I think of the younger me with curly hair and Vera Bradley glasses. I think of the little girl that danced in the school hallways if nobody was there. I think of the girl who brought her American Girl Dolls into the car with her and made sure to tuck them in every night.

I think of who that little girl wanted to be. What her goals were and if I am living up to her expectations. Now, I just got some new glasses so that has stayed the same. I no longer dance in my school’s hallways because there are windows and I would look like a fool. I no longer bring my dolls into the car with me, they are squished at the top of my closet.

I’m amazed at how much has changed. How many different people I have met and laughs I have let out. Life is constantly changing but I’m still that little girl.

With each birthday, I have found myself becoming more and more of who I want to be. I have grown much closer to God and now can’t live a day without talking to him. I find value in other things but still find joy in the things I once framed my life around. Like High School Musical movies and build-a-bear.

As I mentioned before, this year has brought so many new experiences. I am starting to feel older and like I’m at the edge of starting a brand new chapter of my life. I hope to continue to find joy in the little things I loved as a kid. I hope to make the little me proud of the person I am and will become.

But most of all, I hope to grow nearer to God. No matter what age, Jesus has always been 100% relevant in my life. He’s not like the groovy glasses I loved but have since thrown away, He isn’t like the dolls I used to play with all day long that are now in storage. He has always been there for me and has always revealed himself to me at just the right time.

This year, I want to remember Him more often. Cling to God before I cling to something I probably won’t be into this time next year.

Can I ask you guys for a little birthday present? Okay cool…

In celebration of my birthday tomorrow, take some time to think of the person you wanted to become as a child. What kind of things did you want to be involved in? What kind of things would you want to be saying? What kind of life did you want to be living?

Say a little prayer, eat some cake (or something sweet… it’s my birthday, do it for me :D), and make the younger you proud of who you are.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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