MEET: Sierra Strickland

Good morning amazing people! I am so excited to be on your screen this fine Saturday morning. I’m excited to start posting twice a week now and am looking forward to writing more.

I see no better way to kick off this first-weekend post than with a guest blogger. I have heard so many amazing things from you guys about these posts and am so excited to introduce the sweetest and most happy blogger I have ever seen.

I have only just become familiar with her Instagram and her blog but boy they are amazing. I did a little Q&A with her and want to share her story with all of you.

Q:  What are the verses you cling to?

A: Psalm 16:11 – ” you reveal the path of life to me, in Your presence is abundant joy, in Your right hand are eternal pleasures. ” I cling to this verse more than anything. It reminds me that HE is the way, HE is my joy, and HE is the only thing that will satisfy my heart.

Q: How is God working in your life right now?

A: Right now I am learning that freedom starts at the foot of the cross. The bondage of anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, etc is NOOO joke. They leave me feeling like a slave. A slave to Satan. But, I am learning that when you start letting God be your source of freedom and letting Him fill you up, you start to fill fill fill and all that stuff starts overflowing out of your life until only He is left.

// The Christian Prepster: How cute is that? And so true. The more Jesus we have in our lives, the less room we have for other things. How often are we taking the time to fill up on Jesus? What do you feel is overflowing in your life? Stress? Fear? Anger? //

Q: What does your “quiet time” look like?

A: My quiet time in normally in the mornings because I like to begin my day with Jesus. When I open my eyes in the mornings, I immediately start smiling and listening to my favorite Jesus jams. Before my feet hit the ground, I meditate on and read my verse of the week and pray that all of my steps today are guided today and used for His glory alone. But I always start my prayer time with just thanking Him for who He is, what He has done, and telling Him how awesome He is.

Q: What advice do you have for fellow high schoolers striving to live for Christ?

A: Be bold. You are not supposed to please others. Know that being different is good. Walk in light and grace. Carry yourself with a kind heart. Be authentic.

// Isn’t she amazing? I love how positive she is. She is such an individual but an individual who defines herself by God’s standards instead of the world. I want to live out of the overflow of God’s goodness. To live joyfully no matter what worldly things are thrown at me.

Isn’t that what we all want? To live a life filled with the joy of the Lord? I think that she articulated that so well. In order to live this dream life, we have to make time for Jesus. Intentionally seek him with each and every step we take.

Living like Jesus doesn’t happen naturally. Living like Jesus is a constant decision to deny ourselves and choose Jesus.

There is a brand new day ahead, take the steps to make it a great God day.


XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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