Being the Lead

Some of you may have realized that every new year I create a theme for that year. Something to keep in mind and strive to improve within that year. 2016 was my “kicking Fear’s Butt” year, 2017 was my “Do It” year, and I haven’t come up with a good name for this year.

I also know that its almost the halfway point of January and I need to come up with a name. However, I have a goal. I know what the Lord is trying to get me to do this year and already I have seen progress. I don’t know about you but I get a tingly feeling when I think about this year. It’s going to be great. Lots of triumphs and falls but overall a great year.

As many of you read in my testimony, I struggled with fear for a very VERY long time. Fear held me back from some pretty great opportunities and by 2016 I had had enough of fear. I started running towards my fears and tackling them in faith. That mindset continued into 2017 where I pledged to welcome the opportunities. I didn’t want to shy away from something just because it wasn’t fun or how I wanted to spend my day. Yet, while I was doing all of these awesome things, the moment I would step into a situation I was still scared and fearful. I lacked confidence. I lacked self-esteem and didn’t know who I really was.

I have written a few posts about confidence in the past but I have some good little tidbits that I’ve heard recently that have changed my life… or the focus of this grand 2018.

This first was from a Hallmark Christmas movie. Now before you click off my blog and shake your head… just listen for a second. For the sake of making sense of the point, I’ll use a random name,

“Lauren Smith, I want you to know what it feels like to have Lauren fighting for you.”

This is saying that this Lauren girl needs to start fighting for herself. She is cheering everyone else on but when it comes to herself she isn’t. And I want that for all of you. I want you to continue to cheer others on and attack every opportunity they face, but don’t let that stop at yourself. Cheer yourself on and fight for yourself as much as you are fighting for others to succeed.

I need to start doing this as well. I want the world for my friends and will cheer them on until the ends of the earth, but I am not nearly that eager for myself. I’ll cheer myself on until about the end of my driveway. So, for this year I am committing to cheering myself on. Which, in turn, will help me to cheer those around me on as well! A whole year of encouragement.

Now, this next little bomb of wisdom also comes from a Christmas movie… but it’s really REALLY good.

“You have to be the leading lady of your life, not the best friend.”

This kinda goes along with the last quote but I just love how this sounds. In every good chick-flick, there is a leading lady and her best friend. The best friend is a little goofy but has a great heart and is there to lift up the leading lady and keep her going. And as Christians, we are called to be there for our friends and to love them like Jesus loved. Life our lives glorifying God.

But, being the leading lady of your life means that we start being fearless, we start each day knowing that the devil won’t have a hold on us today. We stick up for ourselves and our people. We proclaim the name of Jesus and never look back. Don’t just be the friend, be the fearless lead.

So this year, these quotes are going to be running through my head. I will tell them to my people and hope they encourage them as well. I will not live another day giving a foothold to the Devil when the Lord has already gone before me. I want to have confidence in myself because inturn that is confidence in Jesus as my creator.

Let me know if any of you come up with a catchy phrase for this year! I’M IN DESPERATE NEED 😀

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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