Meet: A Pocketful of Faith

Hey guys! I hope you all have a great holiday season and have enjoyed the freshness of a new year. I am beyond excited to share this post today. I reached out to apocketfuloffaith a while ago with the hopes of sharing her story with all of you. I was so encouraged by her story and think it may really resonate with some of you guys! Here is Faith’s amazing story!

Q: When was your first “God Moment”? When was the first time (you can remember) that you felt God’s presence?

A:  I would have to identify my first fall weekend at Windy Gap, a YoungLife camp in North Carolina, as my first big “God Moment.”  I was born into a Christian family and have grown up going to church each Sunday, but I had never felt so close to God as I did that weekend.  For the first time, I felt as though a relationship with God wasn’t unattainable and that He truly desired a relationship with me despite my flaws and sins.  At YoungLife camp, whether it’s a weekend or a weeklong summer camp, the campers are given fifteen minutes after a club talk, one night to bask in the beauty of God’s creation, with all the camp’s lights off, and just talk to God alone.  It was in the first fifteen minutes that I felt as though God’s presence was 100% there.  He was listening to everything I prayed about and led me to start living a life more in touch with my faith.  This fifteen minute has ultimately resulted in my continued presence at every single YoungLife event my area has to offer, my thoughtfulness in daily life, and constantly looking to God to thank Him, ask Him for help, and everything in between.

Q: When you became a Christian, what changed in your life? 

A: I have always been Christian, but when I chose to become active in my faith my freshman year of high school, I began to find much more joy in the everyday.  It becomes so much easier to find the good in others when you realize that God, the perfect creator of all things, seeks out the good in you, a flawed human who is completely undeserving of His love.  There have definitely been some troublesome times, and I won’t even pretend that a life with Christ is a perfect one, but it’s so much easier to handle hardship with such a strong and loving Heavenly Father there to comfort and guide you.

Q:  How is God working in you, during this season of your life?

A: In this season of my life, God is working in me to show me that my worth isn’t found in earthly things, but in His love for me.  As a junior in high school, it’s far too easy to fall into the mindset that my identity is in my GPA, SAT score, extracurriculars, playing time, and peers’ opinions of me.  Every day God is reassuring me that while these things may matter to colleges, they don’t matter to Him.  He has given me all the gifts I need and I shouldn’t deny my value because my last APUSH test grade wasn’t as high as the boy who sits next to me or I didn’t start in my varsity lacrosse game.  He’s showing me that I have an earthly purpose in Him, but above all my purpose is simply to be loved by Him.

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Isn’t that great! I think Faith’s story is so true for many of us. Learning that the worldly things don’t define us and that we are created by the one true God. I hope her words bring encouragement to you this week and challenge you to just spend fifteen minutes with the Lord. Just you and Him.

I’m praying for you all and hope this week brings you so much joy.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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