Fitness Goals for 2018

What is a new year, if not for setting goals? I am all for setting resolutions. Even if they are dropped by February, I still love taking the time to reflect and dream them up. Is there any harm in that? And although I would love to pat myself on the back for how much I workout… through the years, working out has become less and less part of my daily routine. But this year… I am going to make it a priority.

I know that is super easy to say, but working out is so rewarding and a great way of worshiping the Lord. Because of that, it deserves to take up some of my time. It’s a win-win. Worshiping the Lord and getting into shape.

I wanted to share these goals with you so that I have some accountability. Feel free to be like, “yo girl…get in the gym.” I will need all of the encouragement I can get.

But besides accountability, I also wanted to challenge you to set some 2018 goals as well. I pray that the Lord will make this year a year of achievement for many people. A year of celebrations and victories. Conquering the devil every single day. One of the biggest “Satians” in my life is self-image and comparisons (raise your hand if you’re in the same boat) Besides allowing myself to get down about not being “good enough.” I have started trying to combat that negative self-talk. Which is great. But I have almost told myself, “You can’t change it so why try.” And I’m not saying that having confidence is bad and honestly, I don’t NEED to change. I am thankful for how I have been created. But God wants the best for us… and when I see the girl who is in great shape and very healthy, I should want that. Not out of a jealous heart or an ungrateful mind. But out of a heart of growth.

I don’t workout because I NEED to get better or look better. I workout because I want to get better. I just have to make sure I am workout out for the right reasons.

SO… for 2018 I am publically committing to working out four days a week. That may sound little but it’s about double what I’m doing now. I want to get stronger what I have been doing for the past month (watching Hallmark movies) will not make that happen.

Another goal is to clean up my eating. I am a huge salad fan and I loved the idea of eating healthy… but sometimes all you want is some junk food. I need to grow my self-control to ensure I don’t fall into this greasy trap.

Now for one of the most practical goals for 2018. I must drink more water. It seems so easy and almost obvious. But somehow I still find a way to make it through the day without drinking a full bottle. BUT NO MORE! I will drink more water. And I have this super cute water bottle that encourages me to keep sippin’
I hope you guys have a great New Year! What are your goals for 2018?


XOXO, The Christian Prepster


6 thoughts on “Fitness Goals for 2018

  1. These are great goals! Eating clean is a bit challenging at first, but you learn to love it and it’s all you ever want to do! Always be sure to check how many grams of sugar in your food when shopping! Even if it says organic, fat free, or low in calories, its the sugar that really gets you! Good luck!


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