Why I Write

First I would just like to tell you all the situation I am in. I hate going to the doctor. No offense to doctors but I just walk into their offices and feel sick. I leave feeling so tired and worn out. I’ve been coughing for a few weeks now and went to get a prescription and left with some shots. Which sounds great… you know, keeping myself healthy. Except for the fact that I HATE shots. They hurt so much and I can’t move my arm for the rest of the day. However, 4 SHOTS LATER (!!!!)  here I am typing away because I love to write. No needle will take this joy from me…. not today satan (in the form of a needle) Not today.

Recently I have been digging into spiritual gifts. I love seeing people serve in the church and seeing how passionate people are about different things. You have the sweet elderly ladies who bake cookies -rain or shine we will have cookies- and those who love event planning and making things look spectacular. All of this amazing gifts are from God and each of them brings a new and exciting flavor to our church.

I have always loved to write. I remember writing stories when I was in elementary school -all of which started with “once upon a time”- and that love has followed me into my high school years.

I’ve noticed that when we see or hear someone sharing their passion within the church, we become more passionate about our gift. Let me explain more. When I see someone on stage or behind the scenes just killing it…loving what they are doing, it’s like their passion is just flowing from them, when I see that happen, it makes me excited. When our worship pastor just gets overtaken by the Holy Spirit it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

And through this blog, I have been able to experience those same moments. When I write I feel the Lord working through me. Truthfully I just sit myself down and start moving my fingers. The Lord tells me what to write about and I let him take over. It’s probably the one hobby I haven’t mapped out weeks in advance and scheduled. It’s beautiful.

This past Sunday I felt the same way with a different gift. I have always wanted my future career to be writing and speaking about God. Which, in my ideal career would look like writing books, devotionals, blogging, and speaking at events. I have had a lot of speaking experience through the years but never something exactly like what I’m hoping to do with the rest of my life. This past Sunday I, along with a few other youth, was asked to speak at our youth group. Once the nerves subsided, I was able to feel the same passion I feel here every week when I blog. The words just flowed. I felt God’s presence and was able to let go and let God lead.

And looking back at last week’s post  I have noticed this recurring feeling. God is in our midsts. He is revealing to me and fine tuning my heart to exactly how I need to be living and where I need to be headed.

I hope this encourages you. If you are or aren’t feeling this same tug from God, I pray that you will be encouraged by how I am seeing him move in my life. Even if you can’t see him move or don’t feel him moving… HE IS. He always is and he always will be.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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