Letting the Leaves Change

I like having my life together and clinging to comfort. I don’t immediately get excited when I run into change… in fact, I tend to run away from change. Life is good and I don’t want things to change. I have the feeling that I am not alone in this. When you’re having a successful time in life, you don’t want to just start from scratch. You want to build off of all the work you’ve already done.

I think there is beauty in routine and beauty in a schedule, but the times I have experienced pure “go with the flow” living have been beautiful as well.

That’s why fall has always been so intriguing to me. I spent many years in the south and didn’t really experience the season of fall. It was just hot and sunny all the time (and I loved it). Then my parents told me we were moving. Not just moving… but moving to a place with seasons and one where it wasn’t always sunny and bright. Now, the weather wasn’t one of my biggest concerns but it was just another thing on my long list of why this change was going to be terrible.

Not to mention when I moved here, everyone who talked to me ask, “Oh my goodness why would you move here, it’s so warm and nice there?” Let’s just say that didn’t help me stay positive.

But then fall came. And I broke out sweaters I hadn’t worn for years. I experienced the crisp air of the cold brush my face. It was hard for me to not fall in love with this place. It’s like a whole personality change of my town. It’s as if the whole town got a nice sprinkle of pumpkin spice. I loved it.

Although the constant sunshine and brightness of the south is wonderful. There was beauty in fall and beauty in the change of scenery.

So each fall, I can’t help but be thankful for the time. I am thankful for moving here and am thankful for getting to see the beauty.

Seeing the leaves fall reminds me that sometimes it’s best to let go. When you let go, new growth happens. It challenges me to not see changes as having to start from scratch. Instead I see it as a way to grow back stronger.

My goal is to welcome change as I welcome Fall. Allowing it’s crisp air to brush my face and pulling out my sweaters. I’m sure that if I change my mindset, I’ll have a hard time not falling in love with change.

I hope this season of fall helps us see the beauty in change. I hope we learn that God is in every situation. He’s in the routine but also in the unknown. He has conquered the world… and that includes our fall.

p.s. I have created a fall playlist with both Christian music and coffeehouse like songs that get me into a “Fall Mindset”. Hope you enjoy!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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