The Battle for Self-Confidence


I have always been a confident(ish) person but find myself falling from that as I have gotten older. I wish I could go back to 5th grade when I didn’t care what I looked like or what some random person thought about me. I knew who I was, what I liked, and what I wanted to be.

But then I got to middle school and to high school and must have accidentally turned in my self-confidence with all the worksheets and papers I have done. So if any of my teachers find a confident girl with grit and passion, please return her to me. 😀

As I start taking brave steps and shaping my future, I see how a nice big shot of confidence would go a long way. This may just be something I’m going through but something is telling me this is an issue for many people… and not just us high schoolers.

I see amazing people with dents in their confidence. World-changers who can’t even see their potential.

As I said before, I have a blurred view of myself and lost my confidence somewhere but I am slowing backtracking to try and find it. So I don’t have this down AT ALL. But I have learned a lot and want to share some ways to practice confidence every day.

Dig deep into what God says about you//

This is the most important thing I can tell you. Because we have no worldly reason to be confident. We all have failed and are far from perfection. But when we read in God’s word about how he has created us and how he views us, we gain a confidence that is much MUCH deeper than anything having to do with our flesh.

Use the power of lists//

I am a huge list person and have seen the power of making daily lists. I make a “Today I am thankful for” list and am going to start making one about the things I like about myself. Not in a prideful way but to remind myself that the Lord does have plans and a purpose for my life and I should be confident in his role in my life.

Talk to the people who love you//

We all have people who love us deeply and on the days we feel less than or lack confidence, we should go to them. Tell them what yure going through and ask them to encourage you. I had to do this recently and it was weird for me to ask for encouragement. But it helped so much.

Again, I am not a pro at confidence. I struggle with it daily but I am in desperate pursuit of finding the solution. It’s a daily decision to see ourselves as Christ sees us instead of focusing on our mess ups and failures.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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