We All Need Encouragment

2017-2018 is my “Do It year” and that means that these past few months i’ve been doing a lot of things that challenge me and cause me to depend fully on the Lord. It’s been awesome but sometimes it’s really REALLY hard.
The Lord has taught me so much already about challenging myself and being brave, but he’s also taught me about how to treat others and how important encouragement is. Because when someone pushes themselves out of their comfort zone.. It will take lots of encouragement to keep them from running back into their cozy hole.

Encouragement is so important. The really talented and confident people of this world have a community of encouragers and are part of a community that encourages others.
With all the challenges and growing things I’ve done this year, I have experienced first hand what a little encouragement can do to a person. SO I want to take this little corner of the internet to challenge you to encourage those around you.
Even in the super small stuff. It doesn’t matter if a friend doesn’t do well on a test or thinks they made a fool of themselves onstage. As friends we must be there for people and as Christians we have to be Jesus to those around us.
This week I was in tears because I needed some reassurance that the things I was doing in my life were good and having an effect on people. I feel so selfish in saying that I just needed some verbal encouragement.
But so many of my friends reached out to me and helped me get my mojo back. Through those tears and that discouraging season, I learned that I never want anyone to cry because they needed encouragement. I don’t want to withhold my love and encouragement until it’s too late.
Because we are people and people need other people to come alongside of them and remind them that they are awesome and special and so so so loved.
So here’s the deal… send one text, one email, and one letter (to different people or the same person) that tells them how great they are. Tell them the effect they’ve had on your life and how you see Christ in them.
And I’m here for you guys as well. If you ever need encouragement or a friend… just shoot me an email.
I seriously love you all and am praying for you!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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