Working Out for the Right Reasons

When I was in elementary school I would work out all the time. I know that sounds super odd because no ten-year-old needs to work out but I just loved the feeling and loved pushing myself.

But then I got to middle school and started working out because I thought I needed it. I needed that extra strength and endurance to win the boys vs. girls daily freeze tag game during recess (Of course). Now I’m totally for wanting to improve yourself and meet the athletic goals you have, but sometimes I find myself working out for the wrong reasons.

I recently read a blog post that mentioned our bodies as a temple and not idols. This was super convicting to me because being healthy is good and encouraged but I never thought you could be idolizing fitness and idolizing yourself.

Now, I by no means have this “not idolizing yourself” thing down, but I am committed to working on it because I don’t want to worship anything except for Jesus Christ.

Working out is a wonderful thing but I just want to make sure we are all doing it for the right, God-glorifying, reasons.


Before you start working out, just take 5 minutes (maybe even less) to identify why you are working out. That could look like a time of reflection on how God has created you and thanking him for making you just the way you are and for giving you the ability to work out and improve yourself. Or this could be a time when you get refocused and remind yourself that you are awesome just the way you are. God made you beautifully and working out should be a way of worshiping the Lord instead of trying to fix problems you don’t like about yourself.

Give Yourself Grace//

I think another thing to keep in mind when working out is that you are perfect, I’m not perfect, nobody is perfect. The super fit people on Instagram, aren’t perfect either. So why beat yourself up about it?

We’ve all heard the popular saying,

“Comparison is the theief of joy”

It’s so true when dealing with fitness. So let’s just stop allowing it to enter into our lives. The comparison trap is a consciousious choice and every time to allow comparison to happen, we hand over our joy into Satan’s hands.

Find Ways to Worship//

I mentioned this in my last work out post but I want to elaborate on it a little more. I think working out is a gift and a perfect way to glorify God. I love incorporating prayer into my workouts. When I run, I love just looking around and mentally thanking the Lord for his beautiful creation and asking for endurance to run the race he has laid out before me and in my Christian life.

Also when I;m doing exercises and reps of drills, I love listening to Christian workout music. Spotify has a great playlist and I encourage you to make your own as well. These songs help keep my mind and heart focused on Christ and to work out for the glory of God and not myself.

These things may not be easy at first but I know that God will give us strength as we strive to glorify God through our workouts. So keep going and keep pushing yourself both spiritually and physically!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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