Coffee Date No.1

I am a huge fan of coffee dates. It combines two of my most favorite things… coffee and great conversation. I have been brainstorming the idea of capturing that feeling and somehow making it come through my blog posts… and I think I have finally got it.

So welcome… I want these “Coffee Date Posts” to invite you to brew your favorite cup of coffee (in your favorite mug of course) and just chat.

I’ll share my heart with you and I want to hear yours as well. I want us to get really honest and raw about life. That means talking about the messy, pretty, and everything in between.

So if you have something on your heart you need to talk about… I am always here for you. I know what it is like to have a community of believer’s supporting you. I would be happy to join your community if you ever need some encouragement.

Coffee Date No.1:

Life is going faster than I think it ever has before. I know that sounds really weird and dumb but it’s so true. I feel like I am growing up and actually doing like… adult things. It’s insane.

I love looking back on the stages of my life and seeing how much has changed and what has stayed the same. For instance,

When I was really young, my parents owned a gym and I was super into gymnastics and cheerleading… that has ended and all I can do now is a few flips and a pretty decent toe-touch.

Then I started dancing. And “obsessed” is an understatement for how much time I spent dancing. I think I got a little carried away with it. I spent all of my free time (as a 12-year-old) taking ballet classes or choreographing dances in my bed room. I LOVED to dance. Although I still find it super fun and a cool way to exercise, the love and obsession have worn off. I’m left with about 10 DVD recordings of my recitals, a whole bunch of worn out Pointe Shoes, and some amazing friendships.

But the crazy things about life is that each stage of my life was impactful. I wouldn’t go back and tell my 12-year-old self to spend less time dancing. Every hour spent dancing had something to do with who I am today.

There have only been a few things that have always, no matter what stage I am in, been consistent. The biggest one is… you guessed it,

Jesus Christ

Jesus has been playing the King role in my life since day one. I have never gone a day without being fully known and completely loved by him. He has never given me the mediocre … I have only received the very best from him.

On the days when I was sad and couldn’t find the strength to hold back my tears…. God was present.

On the days when everything was looking bright… God was present.

On the days when I failed… God was present.

And on the days to come when I forget all he has done for me… God will be present and will remind me of all he has done for his precious little girl.

I hope you are able to see how constant He has been in your life. He is always at work in you… even if it seems like a dull time. He is working on you, guaranteed.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster




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  1. Linda says:

    Papaw says life sucks for him right now, his head hurts from his operation and the stitches, ribs hurt from the fall and his back hurts from old age, but God is still #ONE in his heart! Love, Papaw

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