Fully Known & Fully Loved

“Fully known and fully loved. “

What a profound statement. I believe it’s so hard for me to accept that I am fully known and fully loved because I haven’t experienced that kind of love before.

I’ve experienced the earthly love from family, friends, and loved ones but that love isn’t what’s being talked about here. This fully known love is so much deeper.

When I attempt to grasp the meaning I start asking these questions, What does it mean to be fully known… and how can someone be fully known?

I remember when I was a little kid and first realized that God knew everything. I was astonished to hear that He was aware of my thoughts and everything I did. That realization was scary at first but then transitioned to a sense of comfort. I then knew that I would never be alone, I would always have someone by my side to talk to.

That’s what I think it means to be fully known. Because God created every single cell in our bodies and delights in us, He knows our hopes, dreams, and fears. He cheers us on as we work for those goals and takes a hold of our hands as we conquer our fears.

That also means He sees our sins and our slip ups. He sees when we give into temptation or pass by a hurting soul without saying a word.

But here is where the next part comes in… Fully loved.

Even with seeing all of our bad and all of our mess, He still loves us, more than anybody else. He has a sweet spot in His heart for you. he loves YOU so much He gave up His life for YOU.

That is what being fully known and fully loved looks like. Having a heavenly father who loves you in your darkness as well as in your light.

The crazy thing is that His love for you will never fade away. He is a, “no strings attached” love that isn’t going anywhere… no matter what.


More wallpapers can be found here!

XOXO, The Christian Prpester


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