I tried something new…



So I tried something new last night. I was driving home from VBS at my church and just wasn’t feeling the music I was listing to (Sorry Jack Johnson… It’s nothing against you). I decided to turn off the music and talk…yeah just talk, like out loud to myself.

The first few seconds I felt ridiculous, like people probably are looking in my car and am thinking I’m going crazy. But I just kept going. I talked about what went well, what didn’t go well, and that lead to me to began praying.

I started just having a conversation with God about my night and the day and how beautiful it was outside. That conversation then bled into every area of my life. So I prayed for my family, friends, school, this next year, the new opportunities, the people going on my mission trip, and the kids at VBS.

It was the best car ride I’ve ever had. Just being able to unpack my whole day and cover the next in prayer… does’t get any better than that does it? So that 15 minute car ride, that use to be my time to jam, turned into a holy car ride. Where I refocused my thoughts and heart on God. I was able to use my downtime to glorify God.

Truthfully, I’ve always meant to pray a lot… haven’t we all? We know prayer is powerful and very useful but how many of us pray for all of the things we mean to pray for? I’m guilty of it to, you are not alone at all.

But having just covered every aspect of my life in prayer (or at least attempted to) I can tell you it pays off. Just today I’ve been more focused on God and have tried to challenge myself to be the person I want to be and who Christ wants me to be.

Now I know we may not all have enough time to sit and unpack our days with prayer, but I want to encourage those who may be feeling out of it. I want to encourage the ones who are having trouble praying or feel like they are drowning in work and stress.

There is someone so much greater who delights in you and wants to hear about your life. He wants to help you and take away your burdens.

And don’t push this off, even if you are on a spiritual high and nothing and nobody can bring you off your smiley mountain top… you still need to pray, thank the Lord for this time and ask him to remind you of this time when things aren’t going so well.

Just to let you all know, you were also prayed for during my drive. Thank you for reading my posts and for wanting to grow in your faith. Life is hard but we are in this together. You got this, but more importantly… GOD’S GOT THIS. So keep pushing!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster



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