Living The Resurrection 

Hey guys!I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  This year I found so much delight and revelation in Holy Week and was really challenged on Monday to carry the holiness of Christ’s resurrection, past Easter.
First of all, I have been alive for many Easter’s and always found myself asking this same question, “Why in the world is Good Friday called ‘Good’ Friday?” Because in my little head I couldn’t comprehend why people would call the cruel death of our innocent savior “good”.

At Winter Jam last month, one of the speakers talked about a time of suffering he had gone through where he asked the Lord why his present situation was not going well and why things weren’t good.
“Then the Lord asked me, My child, why is it called ‘good’ Friday?”
When the speaker said those words I immediately understood. After years of confusion, in one instance, I was given clarity. It’s called “good” because of what follows. It’s “good” because the death of Jesus Christ saved my very being, and it is “good” because it was always the plan of God.

That clarity has kind of put my whole life into perspective. Now when I go through season of suffering or trials I am immediately taken back to the cross where Jesus died for me. My sufferings may not seem “good” to me, but it’s all about the growth and the true goodness that will come from my suffering.
And the thing is, on Good Friday when the King of kings paid the price for our sins, the Devil believed he had won. When Jesus uttered the words “It is finished” I can just imagine the Devil saying, “You got that right Jesus, muahaha it is finished.”
But boy was that dumb Devil completely wrong!! The Devil forgot that Jesus’ story is not over, Sunday is just a few mere days away.
And on that blessed Sunday the King conquered that grave with our life, joy, and peace, in the palms of His hands.
My challenge to you is to not forget what happened on Easter. Don’t throw out the insane act of grace and mercy shown to you, with the wrappings of your chocolate bunnies and Peeps.
Pray over and thank Him for paying your wages of sin and remember that your situation may not seem “good” but it’s all about what comes on Sunday.

            XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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  1. Linda says:

    Wonderfully said Dear Child of God! You have given me another enlightened article to inspire me! Love you!!!!


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