Living Chosen 


This past week I attended Winter Jam for the first time and it was so wonderful. I left changed and inspired… so a pretty successful event. Many of the artist and speakers talked about fear and how fear is a lie that hinders us from fully following the Lord. After some deep talks with some people I really love and some Bible study time, I have some news to share with you all this fine Wednesday morning.I have struggled with fear my whole life. I have been scared of letting people down and letting myself down.

Unfortunately I still struggle with fear but I have seen some serious progress in myself which is great. With fear being my biggest struggle, I am always on the lookout for new verses or songs to help me and last week at Winter Jam, multiple speakers referenced Isaiah 41. Surprisingly, I totally forgot about Isaiah 41 but when I got home (super late I may add) I broke open my Bible and started reading God’s truth. I encourage you to take a break from my words and read through Isaiah 41 right now.

This passage starts out so well. We are told to “Listen to Me in silence”. What a great way to start encountering Christ. When I first read verse one, this is what happened in my head,

“Shhh mind, shhhh voice, shhh soul…. Just SHHHHH”

Before I even began to hear what the Lord says about fear, I need to quiet myself. I need to silence my thoughts, insecurities, and my heart. The only way for God to do some major heart work is for me to be majorly humble before him.

As I continued on through Isaiah 41, verses 9 & 10 caught my eye. I love how, in verse 9, it says,

“I have chosen you and not rejected you.”

I think that we sometimes mix up being chosen by God with our feeling of being rejected. This goes hand in hand with my crazy annoying fear problem. Recently I have obtained this need to feel loved and accepted by other people and that’s why I think this verse hit my heart so terribly hard. The Lord has chosen me yet when I look around my life, I just see the rejection from others. And truthfully, I sometimes I think I need that acceptance from people. I feel this need to be chosen by them.

But then we come across verses like verse 9. Which say that the king of kings and Lord of lords has chosen me. And it’s in those moments that my need to feel loved and accepted is cast to the side because I have been chosen. Even though I may not feel chosen all the time, I know that I am.

Then we hop down to verse 10 which says,
“Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
I’m just going to take a moment and say that I seriously believe that this passage was written for me (lol). Because my goodness… this hits on my two biggest struggles. Two verses that just totally shake my world.

I love how the Lord uses reassurance to speak to the deepest parts of our hearts. He knows what scares us and stresses us out so he purposely gives us these little, power packed, verses to help us handle those hard situations.


XOXO, The Christian Prepster  


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