The Book of Mark


I am proud to announce that I have found a devotional that I love!! I have found myself to be very picky when it comes to devotionals and this one has passed all of my devotional tests. I am only a week in and already have so much new insight I want to share with you guys.

Throughout the gospel of Mark, Jesus is on a mission to share the gospel. The pages of Mark are filled with the many miracles and teachings of Christ. My initial thought was,“Wow Jesus never stops.” And that’s so true. Jesus was always ready and willing to share the gospel, no matter when, no matter where.

Starting in Mark 1, Jesus begins his fast paced journey. In reading verses upon verses about Jesus’ movement and urgency, it’s no wonder that verses like Mark 1:35 stick out to me because Jesus takes a break and goes into solitude. This busy, miracle doing son of God knows the importance of a “quiet time” and makes sure to be filled by His father before He goes out to fill out the people around Him.

I, so easily, get swept up in busyness and the urgency I have to complete the tasks handed to me. But if I take a look at how Jesus approached busyness and how effective He was in spreading the gospel, I think His key was to slow down and to spend some time with God.

Jumping to Mark 3, we see a new side of things. We see the urgency of a group of people to get their friend healed by Jesus. This is the well known story of that breakthrough-the-roof healing I love.

I was first awestruck by the persistence of the group pointed out in my devotional.

“There’s a crowd in the way? No matter. There’s a roof in the way? No matter. Nothing deterred them from getting the help they were seeking. Their faith in Jesus’ power to heal enabled them to break through any barrier—literally.”

That is crazy. How willing are we to become healed? Moreover, how willing are we to have those around us healed?

I feel like if this story was about me it would look more like this,

“There’s a crowd in the way? Thats a huge problem! There’s a roof in the way? Yeah no, maybe next time Jesus comes.”

I wonder if the Lord sometimes is just saying to me, “Girl, I have this healing power and all you have to do is come to me and ask.” Why can’t I get over myself sometimes and come to the Lord with my hurt, sick heart and reach out for His healing?

This week I’m praying for a breakthrough-the-roof healing in my life and yours. No matter what obstacle life throws at us, we were created to live a life free from bondage and be fully healed.

I encourage you to dive into Mark this week and really make your heart known to the Lord. Healing and growth is waiting for you.  

XOXO, The Christian Prepster



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  1. Linda says:

    You have again awakened my desire to read more of the word and life of Jesus! You always amaze me baby girl! Love, Love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kb says:

    Nice. I love this.


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