Types of Prayer



This past week I have been doing a Bible Study over prayer and have learned so much!

Honestly, I really love prayer and I think my view of prayer has changed since I watched the amazing movie, War Room. Really, if you have not seen it, please, PLEASE get off my blog and watch it… it will change your life.

After seeing War Room, however, I still didn’t fully understand prayer and the fact that there are so many different methods.

The first type of prayer I studied were prayers of praise. Prayers of praise are those that thank the Lord and magnifying His name. Although this sounds easy, I find that prayers of praise are sometimes put off and can be considered very difficult.

I have really made it a priority to first thank the Lord and praise Him for all the wonderful things he is doing in my life.

The second type of prayer is prayer of confession and repentance. These prayers are ones where you lay yourself down before the Lord and ask for forgiveness. This is were we become lavished by grace and mercy from our heavenly father. Whenever we ask, we are always forgiven.

The next type is prayers of petition. These are prayers that I think we all do a lot. At least for me, this is by far the one that comes most naturally. Prayers of petition are when we come to the Lord and ask Him for things. Petitioning is not bad at all and truthfully, the Lord wants to hear our needs and desires. I just have to make sure that when I pray I’m not always asking for something.

The last type of prayer I’ve studied thus far is the prayer of intercession, where we intercede and pray for another person or a group of people. This is where we really see the power of a single prayer. It’s amazing to see how people’s lives have changed because a person or group were intentional about praying for them.

The great thing is that all of those methods can be utilized in one prayer. You can thank the Lord, confess your sins, ask for things, and pray for others… all in one prayer!

So let’s try this. I want you to grab a notebook and a pen and write down a prayer to the Lord. Really take time to thank Him for who He is and what He is doing in your life, but also spend some time opening your heart up to Him.


XOXO, The Christian Prepster 




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