Year in Review


Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile but… boy do I have a lot to tell you about. Over the holidays my family made our way to North Caroline for a few days, having never been there, I saw some breathtaking views and experienced some amazing things that have refined my view of Christ.

Also on break was the second anniversary of The Christian Prepster! It’s crazy to think I’ve been blogging for two years now, it feels like just yesterday I decided to try something new. So, this post is going to be jammed packed with goodness… I hope your ready for this!

Starting with North Carolina, If you’ve never been there, I highly suggest you pack your bags and get on the road right now. Being surrounded by mountains, even the hour and half long drive to the nearest convenient store was beautiful and made you feel like you were in a painting.

The way the mountains glowed in the sun and how around ever corner there were cars pulled to the side and their drivers out taking pictures, staring into God’s creation. It’s impossible to not stop and take all the beauty in. In the Bible there are so many references to mountains and I can see why!

The verse about having faith to move mountains was super convicting to me. Mountains are huge and, umm… seem to be pretty stuck to the ground. There is no possible way a human could ever move a mountain. Never the less, the Lord has called us to have this crazy, impossible looking faith in him. We are to lean on and depend fully on the Lord and who he is. We need to get in the state of asking and believing that the Lord will achieve amazing things in and through us.

However, with each mountain there was a valley. In life, the same thing happens. We go through moments of great joy and happiness but also seasons of sadness and rejection. But besides what season we are in, the Lord is still the Lord. He is still perfect and holy and fully our savior.

Mountains wouldn’t be as breathtaking if valleys weren’t there… mountains wouldn’t be mountains. The high points in life would not be as spectacular if the lower and harder points didn’t exist. Now I know it’s easier said then done to still have faith and seek joy in the valleys of life but we are in this together and the Lord doesn’t leave his children. He never has and he never will, guaranteed.

Now to The Christian Prepster’s birthday!!! Ekk I can’t believe it. It all started as a New Year’s resolution in 2015  (unfortunately, one of the very few resolutions I’ve been able to keep).  I’d read many other successful blogs and loved the idea of sharing my faith and also working on my writing skills. But wow, it’s not the easiest thing in the world!

I would love to say that I always want to write and am full of ideas but I’d be lying if I said that. Some weeks I have to sit down and force myself to write. Some weeks I sit down and pray until I figure out something to write about. But The Christian Prepster has thought me responsibly, dedication, and that if you want something in life, or what to be someone better, you have to do things and work to get it.

Along with that, blogging has given me so much more accountability. There are so many things the Lord has revealed to me but, even though I write about these things, living them out is still hard and is a daily battle for me. Knowing that many people read my blog, it’s very crucial for me to live these things out and constantly be praying and growing in my walk with the Lord.

If any of you follow my Instagram account,  @thechristianprepster , then you have already seen this but I want to say it again,

I just want to take a moment and encourage all of you. I love setting goals but I love achieving them even more. So for 2017, let’s call this the “do it” year. This year I want us all to do the scary things, the hard things, and the not so comfortable things we must do. But most of all, be love in this world of hate. Do the things nobody else is willing to do out of love for one another. It’s time to hike up our pants and start digging deep into our dreams. Who’s going to do these things with me?

I’m so excited to go on this journey with you guys and hope you all are too! I would love to hear your goals, dreams, and things you are going to do this year. Please don’t be afraid to email me at and tell me all you want for 2017!

I love you guys,

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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